Monday, 11 August 2014

A week in Middelburg

We went to visit our dear friends in Middelburg in the South of Holland.

Monique and Jill used to be our next-door neighbours but they moved back to The Netherlands six years ago and we miss them a lot.

It was nice to spend some time with them in their pretty and peaceful town.

All the buildings are so well looked after. The windows gleam and you can see your reflection in the paintwork as it's so shiny!

 Often the church bells are ringing.

There are 'Stick Roses' everywhere. Here's Ffion being one.

They have many nice beaches close by. It was so good to swim.

We didn't quite manage a tan like these two beach babes though!

There was ice cream.

Heavenly ice cream!

We had lovely walks.

We explored the countryside at the edges of the town.

The hedgerows and meadows call wherever I go.

I took some Queen Anne's lace home to draw.

A perfect week of resting and playing with some of our favourite people.

 It's a bit of a shame when your friends live so far away...but it's nice to go and visit them in those far away places. 

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