Tuesday, 12 August 2014


On the way home from Middelburg we stopped off in Amsterdam.

 We only had twenty four little hours which really isn't long enough.

We found this lovely apartment on Air B&B (have you used this amazing service yet?) and our host, Stevie was a lovely singer from Louisiana.

The apartment was in De Pijp which was a whole new bit of Amsterdam that I haven't seen with lots of great shops (blog post to follow about them) and places to eat and drink.

We even saw cats on motorbikes. Two of them haha.

I would be happy to live in Amsterdam. I'd like to be one of the women you see on their bike going home with a big bunch of flowers.

We had the most lovely visit to Maartje van de Noort's studio as well (but that's a whole other blog post too).

 We had our tea under a tree...

and then walked around until the sun went down.

and all the lights came on

and our little legs could carry us no further. We wished we could stay for a week!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely ! I want to be one of those flower carrying cycling women too ! Let's all move to Amsterdam :)

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