Wednesday, 13 August 2014

All The Luck In The World

Amsterdam has the kind of shops that make me wish I had a shop... in the split second before I realise that I  DO have a shop! Oh good. Then it is time to be inspired :)

We were very taken with this one in De Pijp called All The Luck In The World. It's nice to learn that it is a mother and daughter duo. We were mother and daughter shoppers too and both loved it at much as each other.

We discovered it at night and waited until 1pm on Sunday for it to open. We had to leave at half past to catch our plane so we didn't have long.

It's a beautiful mix of vintage and contemporary homewares, linens, jewellery, lighting and furniture.

All gorgeous.

I'm so looking forward to visiting again...with an empty suitcase next time!

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