Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Central Park

I was as excited as a school kid about going to Central Park.

It was just as I imagined.

People biking, skateboarding, jogging,

sitting on benches,




The flowers were blooming.

The birds were singing.

This little robin (yeah not like the British kind of robin) was happy to have his picture taken.

Again, it was so familiar after seeing it in so many films.

We found the John Lennon memorial. I thought it was lovely that a guy was singing 'Imagine' and adding was to the atmosphere.

This busker told us there is someone here singing just about all day and night. Wowww.

I loved the park. I think I could have happily found a pretty spot to sit in and stayed there all week....but there was just soooo much to do. Next time Jill? 


E. said...

I have a love-hate relationship with NY, but Central Park is my oasis whenever I visit. Beautiful photos!

Amy Hauschild said...

I loved New York too, I really am impressed how you seek out the nature in the middle of the city! fantastic!so very you :) hope you achieved what you wanted to with your trip! love reading about it xxxlove Amy xx

Hannah said...

Hi Evi thanks. Glad you like my photos. It is an oasis...a much needed one in the buzz of the city :)

Hannah said...

Amy Amy Amy when did you go to NY? I can't help but notice the nature. There's quite alot of green in the city really. I was pleased :)

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