Saturday, 31 May 2014

Setting Up Day

So set up day arrived and it was time to get down to work.  How nice it was to be re-united with my palette which I had sent off five weeks before. Hello old friend.

Everything was intact and ready for action.

Jill and David came to help me which was wonderful. 

I wasn't staple gunning David's head despite how this may look.

Everything went so smoothly

and it wasn't long before we were all illuminated.

I was all ready to come back in the morning and introduce my work to a new world.


Rachel said...

Hi Hannah -- your display looks so amazing! i was wondering... ever since i found your space, i have wanted to order one of your lamps. but given the international borders and the potential for compatibility problems, I never have ordered one. Now that you are setting up some displays in the US, will there be a retail outlet here in the states that we can order your lamps? Thanks very much for any information you can supply! love your work more than I can say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel. I too love Hannah's work. I live in Michigan and have placed 4 orders on her site with no problems whatsoever. I even ordered a large floor lamp and it arrived in perfect condition. Her lamps are on every night in my home adding their beautiful glow to my home. Am currently deciding which one to order next. They are simply amazing :D. Claire

Hannah said...

Hello Rachel. I do send lamps to the U.S on a regular basis and usually everything is ok. I have U.S cables and lamp holders so you can easily plug them in and find bulbs. It is early days after the show but I didn't come away with any definite retailers. I have a few leads to follow but I can't guarantee anything at this point. I'm so happy that you love my lamps. I's LOVE you to order one :)

Thanks Claire for reassuring Rachel. I'm glad they are still adding a glow to your evenings. I love that .


Unknown said...

Rachel, I live in the US and have ordered 2 of Hannah's lamps with no problems. They arrived in perfect condition with the correct wiring. I use a regular chandelier type bulb. Can highly recommend them for beautiful ambience :)

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