Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Yorkshire heritage showcase event in Paris

Hello, it's Suzi here!  As Hannah is off on her travels in NYC launching herself into the US market, I thought I’d nip in and do a little blog post on my recent trip to Paris.  I was delighted when Hannah asked me if I wanted to go to Paris to represent her at an event to showcase Yorkshire Heritage products at the British Ambassador's Residence and as Hannah was a busy bee preparing for New York and Harrogate, I jumped at the chance.  And what an amazing experience this was.  The lovely people at UKTI Yorkshire had put on this wonderful event to showcase the fabulous Yorkshire products we have on offer.  It was held at the British Ambassador's Residence in Paris which was absolutely stunning and the Ambassador and his wife were so very welcoming.  Here are some of my photos. 
The display which was shared with the lovely Claire Murray - beautiful wallpapers
and lampshades a plenty

Before the event, I had given myself a day to explore a little bit of Paris - I loved it!

There was even blue sky!

What an experience never to be forgotten - thank you Hannah.  Looking forward to hearing your New York tales and seeing lots of photos. 
Suzi x

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