Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dreaming in buildings

I've been dreaming in buildings since I got back from New York. 

When I wake from sleep there is a sense that my brain has been trying to assimilate everything that it has seen, that it's trying to fit it all together, like a big game of Tetris.

So many windows and fire escapes. 

 Some are beautifully ornate

and beautiful

and artists just have to draw them.

Some are full of history and musicians have to sing about them.

Some are just super tall.

So tall that when it's cloudy they disappear altogether.

We went up this one.

Wooooosh up the lift to the sixty-ninth floor.

and out on top of the world.

You could certainly see a lot of buildings from up there.

and teeny tiny yellow cabs.

I can still feel the intensity, the buzz and the beauty of all the buildings. I'm sure they will be in my dreams for a while yet (just like my basket bike was after we came back from Japan). It's nice to be back in peaceful Hebden Bridge letting the lusciousness of our green valley seep back in. 


Beau said...

This whole posting makes my day! NY did the same to me. However, I'm already inclined to dream about architecture. The more fierce the architecture, the more resonance the dream will have. What a delicious aftertaste to enjoy from your travels!

Unknown said...

Now I guess you know why I came home from NY 2 years ago frantically making patterns, and inspired to do stuff like making wallpaper! I'm so pleased for you - it sounds like you had a magical time xx

Hannah said...

Claire I TOTALLY get you yes! Such an energy about the place! Glad it prompted such big exciting plans for you x

Hannah said...

Beau ha! I'm so glad you understand. We do all really need to meet some day don't we!

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