Sunday, 25 May 2014

Walking The High Line

I've had The High Line on my Pinterest board as a 'one day' destination for quite some time.

The idea of a historic freight line being turned into a public garden that you can walk along appealed to me immediately.

It was a lovely thing to do on my first day in New York.

From it's elevated position you can take in the streets and buildings of Manhatten's West Side

whilst strolling past pretty flowers and luscious greenery. It was surprisingly peaceful. 

It's a beautiful mix of urban grunge and organic beauty

with so many photo opportunities along the way.

I bet the people living in these buildings never thought they would one day be looking out at a garden or that they would have quite so many people pass by their windows each day!

It's nice how they have left the old railways tracks exposed

and grown flowers among them.

There are sun loungers and seating areas with good viewing points so you can take it all in and stay as long as you want. Check out some of these photos so you can get an idea of where The High Line sits in the city. I wish I could have had an aerial view somehow as it looks so great cutting through the city.

 I didn't want it to end. Next time I go to New York I'll be going again for sure!


Anonymous said...

O Hannah you are making me home sick for New York! The high line was only an old railway when I lived there, but doesn't the city look great. Want to go!

Hannah said...

I am homesick for New York too and I only 'lived' there for two weeks hahah. You must go!!!

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