Friday, 5 February 2010

Component Nightmares!

Whilst all this moving business has been going on there has been major stress going on with the manufacturung of my lamps. I blogged about this a few weeks ago saying I'd been having some trouble with one of my suppliers that makes the little plastic clips for my lamps. They changed their manufacturer and the clips have been not up to scratch. I have been patiently waiting for them to fix it since October and last week they finally came and GUESS WHAT? They were WORSE! Popping off of their own accord. Just not strong enough.

...and now I am out of clips completely! I have taken apart all my old lamps and fairy lights to re-use the clips to fulfill orders and I have been getting samples of similar products from lots of plastic component companies across the UK. I thought I had found something last week. They look nice, hold tightly but this week I have found they are an absolute nightmare to fix on. I need three pairs of hands to build a lamp.

SO I am biting the bullet and getting a part made especially for me. I can't wait for the old clip people to sort themselves out as I don't know how long I'd have to wait and I have orders waiting. Maclan (they are great) make the tripods inside my lamps for me. They are putting their heads together to make me the ideal fastener that doesn't pop of and that is easy for me to fix on. In two weeks they will get some samples to me, then there is sure to be some tweaking to be done and then ACTION. I can make again. Until then I am on pause. I guess that will buy me some time to set up my new studio as I am moving it to the new place on Tuesday. Back to normal (well back to better than normal) soon!


Helen said...

Oh yes, this all sounds familiar!
I'm having similar problems with paper and manufacturers! You'll get there I'm sure x

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