Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hoorah! I have the keys!

I got the keys to the new shop yesterday and work has begun. It was a hive of activity! Sean the elctrician started the wiring, Emma the painter pressure washed down the outside and the yard in preparation (bloody freezing well done her) and the joiners started shelving the storeroom. Little me just kind of bumbled around not quite knowing what to do with my self amidst it all! I brought my big wooden chair from the old shop and sat by the fire trying not to get in the way! It was wonderful to see it all going on though. The big plan in action in right before my eyes (after seeing it all go on in my imagination for so many weeks).

I felt EXHAUSTED last night and I didn't even do much!

Ok, another day. Back to it! I'll take some pics today!

1 comment:

*pur-ple said...

... Oh how exciting! Please keep us updated!!!

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