Monday, 8 February 2010

Door Surgery

The old door came off this weekend for some care and attention. Paul has put the clear glass in. Today it's by the fire again having it's first coat of colour. Can't wait to see it.

After a smooth first week it's been quite a weekend! First Sean discovered the whole back electric circuit of the shop is completely broken, dangerous and unsuable starting at the corroded plug that he found. He is having to re-join the circuit on the outside of the walls with trunking which is a pity and has slowed us down a bit. Then on Saturday while Paul was building me a workbench in the backroom he hit a water pipe. Oh my God! Water came gushing out at high speed soaking him and the storeroom. He didn't know where the stop tap was, tried ringing me in the shop but I was with a customer so didn't answer frustratingly (and I didn't know anyway) and he ran around in a panic until he found it under the stairs. What a nightmare. Poor guy. Luckily he had a plumber mate who happened to be shopping in Hebden and came to save the day.

I got a lot of painting done though...and I am getting the hang of that fire. It lit well for me today. We are making friends!

Right now I am going to pack up my workshop ready to move it over tomorrow. Better go and get on with it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hanna!

I hope that you do not mind me commenting on your blog to contact you. I was planning on ordering one of your lanterns for my wedding to have on the cake table. I am really hoping that you can still make it. Please contact me at My wedding is on 4/30/2010 in the Dominican Republic.

Thanks so much!


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