Thursday, 4 February 2010

Which white?

I said yesterday that i was uncertain about the colour I had chosen for the walls and woodwork - well seeing it this morning I was certain I didn't like it (arg)! The Farrow & Ball 'Limewhite' was just too murky looking in this shop. I've been using it for years happily but it really didn't suit it's new home. Having lost my confidence in my paint choice we decided to go to the Dulux shop (thanks for the emergency lift Fiona) and scan the wallpaper that i use (the Cole & Son Cream Cow Parsley) and mix up the 'white' from there. It's just right. Fresh and creamy and un-noticable. Will be the perfect clean backdrop.

The front door came off for it's day infront of the fire. It's a lovely old door. Paul lost sleep over how to replace the old beading behind the new pain (is that how you spell it?) of glass but I'm sure he'll work something out!

Seans having a nighmare with the electrics. He found that one of the plug sockets had got damp and corroded so he's been scratching his head alot over how to sort it all out today.

He's still there actually. Likes to work when we've all gone home. I'll pop by after yoga and check it's all alright...


Karen said...

How exciting for you! This is an artists dream.. I am sure it will be lovely once it is all pulled together. I am waiting to see the results. Best of luck!

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