Monday, 2 July 2012

Pondering by Paddy Fields and Talking in Tea Houses

When we flew into Japan I was awestruck by the aerial view of the paddy fields. They looked like shiny mosaic tiles in beautiful tones of blue, brown and green all cut with craftsman like precision to fit to every contour of the landscape. The way they caught the light was incredible. I thought I'd be able to find Google images of what I saw but I can't find any at all. It will remain a beautiful visual memory of my first glimpse of Japan.

On the way back from stencil dying Beth took us for a jaunt out to the countryside and we cycled around the fields on pathways like I had seen from the skies. It was so peaceful.

These seedlings had just gone in.

Here are some in trays waiting to be planted.

We parked our bikes at the edge of a wild bamboo forest and took a walk. 

The sun was drying off the bamboo after a big thunderstorm.

Look at these roots. Looks like it could just scuttle off into the forest.

The rain had been kind to us and had waited until we were in this beautiful restaurant before bucketing down. Thunder and lightening was good entertainment while we ate our lunch. 

And later on the afternoon, back in Kyoto, Beth took us to a very special little tea house called Infinity Cafe tucked away in a maze of small streets, surrounded by a luscious green garden.

Just when we were tucked inside with some fruit bread and a cup of tea, again the heavens opened. It was SOOOoooo cosy in there. We had an long conversation about business, shop keeping and e-courses. Beth created the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course which me and Nat both did earlier in the year so there was lots to chat about. We talked about what inspiration we were going to take back from Japan.

There was so much to love.

Beauty, simplicity, grace, craftsmanship, culture, exquisite presentaion, care, kindness.

I hoped I could fit some in my suitcase!


Sarah Mason Photography said...

That list in the last bit is a wonderful summing up of this new land you have discovered. The inspiration you've brought back from your adventures is very apparent to see through all your blog posts. I know there will be lots of exciting things to see from HN in the not too distant future! xx

Natalie said...

beautiful post, beautiful day... apart from the bit where my skirt got caught in my bike and then when i fell of it later in the day like a prat :)

Jill M Hodgson said...

Beautifully written.... exquisite description.... could start a mass exodus to Japan! What a life changing experience that must have been. Lucky you! and can't help but think your delicate paper cut designs meld so well with that culture.

Lauren Swersky said...

Hi Hannah, I love this post. I'd love to go to the countryside featured here, where is it? Thank you.

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