Saturday, 14 July 2012

Washi paper a plenty!

Something the Japanese do extremely well is paper! Beth took us to a beautiful  paper shop on Teramachi Street in Kyoto. A family run business established in 1845.

I wanted to find a Kyoto made washi paper that I could make some Japanese inspired lamps with. Something plain, slightly textured, thick enough to laser engrave and that most importantly gave a beautiful glow.

After lots of rummaging through racks of paper and some assistance from the very helpful and friendly staff I think I found just the the thing. I bought 5 huge sheets to experiment with. Since coming back from Japan and being so busy with Tatton Park preparation it has remained in it's cardboard tube patiently waiting for me to get it out and play....soon pretty paper soon!

We bought lots of beautiful papers and kept the staff busy wrapping it all up.

How could you not be tempted by racks of colour and pattern like these?

Spending a week in Kyoto we discovered paper shops a plenty but could not walk past a single one without going in for a look. It was a sensory treat each and every time.

Perhaps I'll make some colourful lamps too out of this lot. 

I'm looking forward to having a play.


Tracey said...

Those last ones would make a beautiful patchwork lamp. x

Ann Martin said...

How beautiful! You've brought back a memory to me... when I was married, a friend was teaching English in Japan. She sent a wedding gift that was packaged in the most beautiful paper - now I realize it was washi. A paper lover even then, I saved it and used it up, bit by bit. Looking forward to seeing the lights you'll make with yours.

ersi marina said...

I'm looking forward to your Japanese-inspired lamps. I have a feeling they will be every bit as beautiful as your usual work! (You got me wishing to visit Japan soon :)

Jonathan Price said...

Gorgeous pix...another reason to go back to Kyoto.

Sarah said...

Wow I would definitely go crazy in that shop!! Either that or panic and not buy anything at all... :)

Good luck at the flower show x

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