Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Day of Two Halves

(photo by Sarah Mason)
 The morning was happy and even a bit sunny. Me and Sarah went for a walk to Jack Bridge admiring the grasses and the Hogweed on the top path on the way home and chatting about the week ahead.
(photo by Sarah Mason)
At lunch time I had a meeting with the family web team (Ffion and Robert) in Organic House so they could show me the first website layouts that they had been working on. Very VERY pleasing indeed. Ffion is sooooo clever. She has made four possible layouts, each very beautiful but one shining out above all others. While we were cosy and happy upstairs in the cafe the rain began to pour, perhaps heavier than I have ever seen it before. We wondered whether to stay dry and have another cuppa or if we should make a run for it. We buttoned up and dashed along Market Street only to find ourselves paddling through pooling flood water.

So quick.

And again we watched as the water rose. All the shop keepers watching with jaws dropped. All the decorators and contractors who were there cleaning up from the last flood trying to keep the waters at bay. We watched the waters fill up the floor of Dynamite opposite praying it wouldn't reach her freshly papered walls. 

And it wasn't just the bottom of the valley that got it this time. The rivers hadn't burst. This was surface flooding from extreme rain onto totally saturated land. We had a months worth of rain in three hours. The roads from the hills turned to rivers washing rocks, debris, muddy waters and even bits of the road itself down to the bottom of the valley. People who lived high up in the hills got flooded as the water rushed down the hillsides. People who lived down low got it as it reached the valley bottom. 

Absolutely unbelievable.

Our sunny morning on the hills and suddenly felt very very far away. 


Jill M Hodgson said...

I couldn't believe it, been looking at some utube videos feeling quite gutted imagining what it must take for people to have to turn round and start cleaning up all over again.

Is there a fund you'd recommend for donations that would directly help local businesses?

jax said...

That's frightening!! Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather turns for the better! x

JP said...

have so been thinking about all of you - hopefully this will be the end and you get some nice warm sunshine soon ALL DAY

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I had tears in my eyes watching that...so unbelievable that this has happened again so soon! The forecast just continues to say 'rain rain rain' doesn't it - please stay safe all of you - sending big hugs xxx

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