Saturday, 14 July 2012

We have a winner!

(photo by Sarah Mason photography)
Thanks so much to everyone who entered my competition.  Your feedback has been very helpful indeed. Looks like the Cow Parsley is a firm favourite of many but the garden birds have come out on top too which is nice to know. 

Anyway, the winner of the two tickets to Tatton Park flower show go to Lydia Underwood. Looking forward to meeting you at the show.

Everything is packed up and I am all ready to go now. I have cupboards full of lamps in lots and lots of designs. We'll be driving over there tomorrow to set up my stand, then a couple of days to chill before the show starts on Wednesday. 

Off we go into the unknown again. Wish me luck x


Melanie Wickham said...

Have really loved looking through your Japanese photos and transfixed by that fabric stencil workshop! Must have been an incredible experience.

Lydia said...

Wow, I am thrilled and delighted to have won! Thank you so much- I can't wait to visit the Tatton Park Flower Show next Saturday - a first for me too!
I love my beautiful allium and cow parsley lamps and really enjoy reading your inspiring blog so am looking forward to meeting you at the show.
Wishing you a hugely successful show,
Thanks again
A very excited Lydia!

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