Monday, 23 July 2012

Hebdens Rising Spirit

Five days exhibiting at Tatton Park has certainly provided many an opportunity to talk about Hebden Bridge and how it is recovering after the floods. When Robert saw me stick on the 'I have a shop in Hebden Bridge' vinyls to my show stand he pointed out that I would be talking about it a lot. He was absolutely right. 

There were LOTS of questions. 

'Oh you're in Hebden Bridge, have you been affected by the floods?'
 'Oh Hebden Bridge, you've had all that rain haven't you?'
 'Oh Hebden Brige, are you still underwater?' 

National news coverage certainly has made us famous! But for some people we were famous already. 

'Oh Hebden Bridge. I LOVE Hebden Bridge'

So many people expressed genuine concern for the place and their excitement at visiting again..

Coming back to Hebden Bridge after being away is always a great joy. When we got home yesterday we walked round to buy some cold beers for Oasis to have with out tea. It had been a hot day and there was a lovely summery smell in the air. As we walked over the old bridge I could feel myself filling up. Filling bcak up with Hebden-ness after being away. It was such a lovely feeling. A real love for the place and a sense of belonging.

Many people have been busy thinking about ways to get our little town back on it's feet. A lovely lady called Helen Russel who I met on Twitter had the idea to organise a creative auction to raise money for the affected business. It has sort of spiraled into something big and since I've been away a date has been set, an auctioneer appointed, tables and chairs organised, a facebook group and Twitter account opened and lots and lots of artist from all over the country are sending artwork to the town hall to be auctioned.

Do you have any work you would like to donate? 
Hebden Bridge would warmly welcome your contributions. 

We would love any artwork to be sent or delivered to Amy Leader, The Town Hall, Saint Georges Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BY by the 18th August.

And I also need to tell you about Hebden Rising. An clever website site set up by our friend Giles Dring which lets you can track the latest news, tweets and updates and see which shops and businesses are back up and running.

Thanks for all your support. x


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