Tuesday 31 March 2009

Three New Stockists

I've got three new stockists to tell you about this week. One is The Light House, a very traditional light shop in Keswick, Cumbria. I'll be sending some lamps there in a couple of days. If you're visiting the Lakes do pop in.

Another is 'Boo Vake, in Perth which looks lovely and full of gorgeous and quirky things. I met Arlene Baird, the owner at the b.c.t.f last year and she ordered some lamps today. She keeps a great blog about what she has in the shop.

And last night 'The Shop@Newby Hall' had it's grand opening and apparently it went very very well! Newby Hall is near Ripon and this historic hall has beautiful gardens, woodland walks, a sculpture garden, an adventure garden, a cafe and NOW a beautiful space dedicated to modern British art, design and craftsmanship which was the vision of Daniel Horsey who owns Hornseys gallery in Ripon. Sounds like a lovely day out!

Monday 30 March 2009

Where have the candle covers gone???

I had to take my little tea light covers out of my shops today while I sort out a little design glitch that occurred over the weekend. Most of the ones that I have tested so far have been ABSOLUTELY fine, but a few of them have started to de-laminate around the top rim and I need to figure out exactly how I can fix that. I've been researching it ALL day and have a few things up my sleeve to try out.

It made me remember way back when I was designing my lamps and I hit a big brick wall about how to make my fittings inside. There were moments, well weeks actually, when I thought I'd never find a way and it was really frustrating. But i persevered and I got there in the end... as it turned out it was worth the furrowing of my brow and the earbashing of my fellow studio members (as I'm not in a shared space anymore you are getting the ear bashing)!

So I'll keep at it. They are too lovely to let pass me by. Hopefully they will be back out there giving their cosy little glow again very soon. I'll keep you posted!

Friday 27 March 2009

Seed Pod Wall Panel

Now that my wall panel parts have been produced I can start showing you some of the designs that I have been sitting in a drawer waiting and waiting for the safety testing to be completed.

Flowering Rush Wall Panel

Leaf Study Wall Panel

Hedgerow Wall Panel

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Wall Panels have passed the test!

It's great when a project finally comes together. I had the idea for doing illuminated wall panels such a long time ago. I thought they were nearly ready last November but found a big design flaw which meant using a new material, which meant putting them in for CE marking and safety testing. The good news is that they have PASSED! This is great news! I had put them on hold while they underwent testing. Now I can do some more designs!

New things on my website

In the run up to a trade fair, in my case the b.c.t.f, it's good to get your website up to scratch so that's just what I've been doing for the last day or so. I have added a floor lamps page, a wall panel page, a candle covers page and added Paperwhites, Snowdrops, Ferns and Daisies to the product pages. I'm liking the botanicals page with all the little squares of designs. Phew....good job done! I am going to seperate it into even more categories soon but that'll have to be another day!

Friday 20 March 2009

Fennel and Cow Parsley

Two more delicate candle cover designs. Fennel and Cow Parsley.


I have finished my Paperwhite lamp design today. A nice design for the Spring. I have now added it to my shops. My website & Etsy

Such Beauty

I bought a huge bunch of cherry blossom to put on my stand at The Stalls craft fair this weekend. It is utterly beautiful and looks magnificent in our house. Trouble is though it is rather to smelly for us so I had to move it well out of the living room... i guess it's supposed to be outside...on a tree in this lovely spring sunshine that we're having. I'd rather like to be outside in the Spring weather too but I'm in the shop until 5. I am enjoying myself though making new candle covers which I'll post later...

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Getting Ready......

I am currently very busy getting ready for The British Craft Trade Fair which will take place in Harrogate on the 5th, 6th and 7th of April. I can't believe it will be the seventh time I have done this show. It's been great for me and has always given me the majority of my trade outlets each year. It's a lovely friendly show and really good fun to do....once you're there and set up. Im always amazed how much preperation it takes though...you'd think it would get easier with each year....but no it doesn't really! I am perhaps a little less daunted than I used to be though!

This Sunday, on Mothers Day I will be doing The Stalls, a one day craft show in Saltaire so if you're in the area do come along. I haven't been to Saltaire for ages. It's the perfect interesting arty day out and is particularly nice on a fresh Spring day (fingers crossed eh!). I'll be bringing my lamps and my new tealight covers aswell as a selection of small items from Radiance.

Les lumineuses créations de Hannah Nunn

tout en légèreté et délicatesse ...

Thankyou to Isabelle from Lou et Tom who has featured my work on her lovely blog. What she has written sounds so beautiful in French!

Saturday 14 March 2009

Tea Light Covers are ready!

I like these. Thay have made me happy today! It's hard to tell the scale on the photos. They are only 8cm high so the seedy designs are very teeny and delicate.

Friday 13 March 2009

Jewellery Trees

I bought these little plastic trees from Brooklyn Rehab this week and i love them. They are perfect for my jewellery. Check out these jewellers...Becky Crow, she made the fox brooch, Joanna Rutter made the bird in the tree, Heather Scott made the big flower and Gabriella Casemore made the other flower earrings. I'm looking forward to exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair next month...well actually that's not quite true yet as I'm a bit stressed out with all the preparations for the show... but once I'm there I love it and will have fun finding another pair of earrings!!!

Saturday 7 March 2009

Panoramic Radiance!

I have just blogged about this on my Radiance blog but had to shout about it here too as I am SO utterly excited by this! Joby Catto of Anti Limited did a panoramic photo shoot of Radiance this week. He has just sent me the results of his work and they are astounding and technically brilliant. It's so beautifully crafted! He specialises in panoramic photography, 3D visualisation, and design and is quite brilliant! I wish my shop really was as big as this with rounded counters. It looks amazing!

This picture is enough for me in it's brilliance but on Joby's blog you can scroll right round, left, right, up and down and you can zoom in and out to look at things that catch your eye. I'll have it up and running soon on my new website but I couldn't wait to show you it now. Visit Anti's blog to have a play!

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Candle Light

I bought some glass candle votives to put inside my fairy light lanterns so they could be individually lit by candle light. They are so lovely with the flickering light inside. I'm going to work on some more designs....

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