Wednesday 18 January 2017

Growing into the new year...

For a long time I've been longing for more time to draw and design. All small business owners know just what a lot there is to do in the everyday running of a business and although I make some time for drawing (I've obviously designed a few things lately haven't I) there is always so much to pull me away. 

But the message is loud and clear and I have known for a while that the next step is full time help in the studio but I've been a little bit scared of making the leap.

But I just did it. I have a wonderful girl called Emma who came to me as a student intern three years ago and has worked a couple of days in the studio through the last year of her degree in Surface Design at Huddersfield Uni and then through her MA. You may have met her at a show or in my studio. She is brilliant and I have always said I want to keep her forever! She has just finished her MA and so the time felt right to offer her a job as studio manager. She gleefully accepted!

So we have been making changes in the studio this new year and it all feels good. I have combined my 'office' space with my 'drawing' space and we have created Emma a work space of her own so we can happily and comfortably work alongside each other.

Emma is supporting my desire to draw more and we are finding new ways of managing everything together. 

I'm loving my new desk. I'm gathering ideas and sitting down to work on my next project which involves lots of tiny treasures....

I've been collecting

and arranging

and drawing

and dreaming.

Right then I'd better get back to the drawing board .....

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