Friday 29 October 2010

Lovi Birds

These gorgeous birds from Lovi arrived at Radiance this week. They are a sort of flat packed postcard that you can build into this lovely bird shape. One of them is perching perfectly on one of my lamps! Very sweet.

The post show mayhem is dying down. My workshop is almost straight again. Most of my left over stock went off to three Christmas exhibitions yesterday. Farfield Mill, Ropewalk Contemporary Art & Craft and Bedazzled at The Yorkshire Craft Centre. Oh that's nice, I just discovered that Bradford and Farfield are both using lamp pictures on their front pages!

Right off to have a quick cuppa with the lovely Hannah Lawson in her new studio at Brooklyn Studios before she goes of to the Antarctic again!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Helen Musselwhite Interview!

I am very lucky that through my work I get to meet some amazing and talented people who are a huge inspiration. One such person is Helen Musselwhite, famous for her intricate papercut artworks of woodland glades and cheeky, colourful owls in trees! I have been selling her work at Radiance for a few years now and she very kindly agreed to do one of our Radiance podcasts, so Fiona went over to her studio at her home in Manchester and she told us her story. It's well worth a listen...and there are pictures too. I hope you can pop over to my Radiance blog to have a look and a listen!

GNCCF pictures

As I said in my last post when you go to a show it's always nice to see old show friends and have a good gossip. We took so many pictures this year that I'm a little overwhelmed but here are afew!

The lovely Helaina Sharpley and her wirework!

A smiley Debbie Bryan!

I was nextdoor to Monica Boxley this year. Lovely bags! Lovely lady!

I was opposite the colourful Alice Gow...

...and Laura Bennet with her nature inspired jewellery. These earrings are made from real acorn cups.

Samantha Bryan was there with her Brains Fairies. She had some amazing rollercoasting ones this year.

Nice to see Jane Blease. I bought some wall lights for Radiance!

I also bought some Ken Eardley lamp bases. Years ago at bctf I hassled him to make lamp bases....and he did but then I never got round to ordering any. Got some this time! About time I think!

Here is Jill Ford with her ceramics. Jill was my travelling companion this year. It was nice getting to know her!

and here is Laura Slater!

Gosh I'm tired now! There were loads more pictures...there ARE loads of pictures on my camera of all the amazing work at GNCCF this year but I'm tired now so I'm going to pass it all to Fiona. Perhaps she will put them on her blog!!!!
I hope you enjoy exploring some of these links. Some truly amazing talent!

Ffions latest creation

Remember a while back I told you about Ffions photography book (which incidentally is selling well), well now she has made a zine too and it is selling like hotcakes. She printed 50 last week and I think there are only 5 left (that was at teatime, perhaps they have all gone by now!). They are for sale here.

Friday 22 October 2010

GNCCF 2010

It's all going well at GNCCF. It's always really lovely to catch up with show friends and make some new ones! I'm liking my new stand. I'm happy that I chose the brown. It really sets things off. My Mum and Dad came to visit today and took some piccies of it (and me). The show is still on for two more days so pop along if you're in the area. I'll try and take some pictures of the rest of the show if I can because there is lots of very very inspiring work!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

New Website is finished!

It's been a very long day but I have one last thing to say before I hit the sack! HOORAY I have finished and uploaded my new website!!!! Here it is

Pheweee. Today I set up my stand for GNCCF too. I am pleased with my new stand. The dark brown paint worked really well and the new cupboards made by Clare Scott are fabulous. The casters made the whole thing much earier. Wheeeeling the cupboards along the pavement. Ahhh. Why did I never put casters on those heavy cupboards beforee? I'll post some pictures of the stand when I take some at the show. Remember it's open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Spinningfields in Manchester. I'm really looking forward to it!
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