Friday 26 June 2009

It's that time of the year again. The summer has crept up on me and it's time for my seconds sale. I've made a lot of lamps over the last year and inevitably there have been mistakes made, hairs trapped under the laminate, holes punched in the wrong places...but no one seems to mind when they can buy them at lovely bargain prices!!! Come along to my studio at Radiance and join the fun!

Thursday 25 June 2009

Botanic Gardens Exhibition

I will be exhibiting my illuminated wall panels at the 'Botanic Gardens' exhibition at the Platform Gallery which starts this weekend. This beautiful summer exhibition will feature work by makers from across the UK who explore plant forms and structures in their work. The exhibition will include works in metal, glass, ceramics and mixed media, as well as smaller scale works in jewellery. Botanic Gardens will offer a range of contemporary approaches to this subject area, which has offered an endless source of inspiration to artists. From makers who minutely explore the intimate forms and structures of native and tropical flora to those who take broader inspiration from the botanical world, the results will not fail to fascinate and delight the viewer.

I've just been going through the exhibitor list and getting excited about going to see all the work in real life. There is some really inspiring stuff and so many who take our inspiration from nature.

Here are SOME of the artists that will be exhibiting: Janine Partington, enamels (pictured), Suzanne Potter, jeweller (pictured), Ruth Moilliet, sculpture (pictured), me (pictured), Tanya Igic, leather jewellery Lisa Katzenstein - ceramics (pictured), Judith Brown, jewellery, Julia Linstead, glass, Amanda Ross, textile prints, Kaori Tatebayashi, ceramics, Andrew Wicks, ceramics, Linda Marie Young, textiles and many many more....

The exhibition starts this Saturday 27th June and runs until the 22nd of August at The Platform Gallery, Station Road, Clitheroe, LANCS.

Magic Number Three

Hello! I have had a little computer holiday. I didn't switch it on for a whole THREE days and it was most refreshing. As much as I love to have the world at my fingertips we all need a break sometimes. I have switched it on to find lots of activities...I've had blog awards which is exciting and I have lots to blog about....but right now I have to go to work. The shop opens in 5 minutes and I have lots of making to do and parcels to be collected. My work is going off to a new outlet for me in Saltaire. Magic Number Three looks great, Saltaire is lovely and I can't wait to vist! I'll be back later with more news.....

....and here they are at Magic Number 3. My Mum and Dad visited Saltaire at the weekend and took this picture.x

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Buttercup Meadow

I got inspired by the buttercup meadow after another Sunday walk up on the hills. It makes a nice wall panel.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Tea & cake anyone?

This little tea lights were commissioned by a gallery in Aberdeenshire called Touched by Scotland. They have a cafe/restaurant and are going to put them on their mantelpiece...

Concept for Living

I'm happy that my fairy lights are being featured in this months Concept for Living magazine! It's in the shops on the 17th June.

Debbie Bryan's new shop

My lovely friend Debbie Bryan is opening her own shop this month. Debbie makes beautiful knitted scarves and adorns them with gorgeous hand cast resin brooches, buckles and buttons. She is opening her shop in the historic lace market in Nottingham on the 18th of June. She will be selling her own studio collections; fashion accessories & haberdashery and the very best in craft, fashion homeware & design from specialist makers. I'll be sending her some lamps.

To launch her new venture she is hosting and 'Evening of Delicate Treats' with pampering and therapeutic treatments all in relaxed, indulgent surroundings, with live entertainment. Tickets are £5 from here.

Monday 8 June 2009

Happy in our new yellow kitchen

We've been doing major renovations at home, making the kitchen bigger so we can fit a table in.(amongst many other things). For the last few months its been dust and rubble and bare plastered walls. On the day we moved the table into the kitchen i was very happy and sent a photo taken on my mobile phone to to my friend Rachel. The walls were still bare plaster at that point and her response was that it looked like a prison canteen! Well not any more! This weekend i painted and i love this yellow. Its a Fired Earth Kevin Mcloud colour called 'Indian Yellow'. The lovely lampshade is from Jodii's Etsy shop. (She has an amazing style blog too and is always discovering cool things). Today i bought a new teapot and some tulips to celebrate!

Saturday 6 June 2009

New Wedding Lights

These ones are going off to a big wedding magazine to be photographed...i won't say which one as Fiona, my wonderful PR girl is a bit superstitious about mentioning things before they go to print. In fact she'll probably tell me off for even saying that! (hee hee sorry hunny).

While we're on the subject of PR I'll just do a little song and dance about my Fiona. (la la la) Fiona Pattison's company is called Happy4PR. I have been working with Fiona for a couple of years now and she is amazing. I have always done EVERYTHING to do with my business but I didn't know how to do PR stuff so that side of things was lacking. At that point Fiona appeared like the Fairy Godmother and came into my shop one day waving her magic wand and she has been sprinkling fairy dust ever since. She's not just my 'PR', she is now also my good friend.

She has got me some brilliant publications, given me some fantasic ideas and is always out there pushing my business (even when I'm not). She is 100% committed to her clients and has tremendous energy for her business. She keeps me positive, keeps me looking towards the future...and cooks me tea on Thursdays! Here is her BLOG.
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