Tuesday 30 October 2012

Sam Peare on the Isle of Skye

So today we took a break from a lounging, knitting, reading and watching the rain out of the window to go and visit lovely Samantha Peare, a friend who used to live in Hebden Bridge but moved up to Skye a few years ago.

Sam is a textile artist and lives in a cottage in Edinbane which happens to be only a short drive from Timber House where we are staying.  She opens her workshop to the public so you can pop in and see what she what delights she has been working on.

Sam has a collection of colourful vintage fabrics and she embroiders birds, dragonflies, deer, beetles...whatever she has been inspired by and creates bags, purses and wall pieces.

I love the idea of people living in remote places of their choosing and making a living by being connected to the wider world via the internet.

(Sam and her lovely dog. Photo courtesy of Sam)
She can be inspired by her beautiful local landscape and send little bits of Skye all around the world. 

She has her own website 

and  is also on Etsy and Not On the High Street.

So we had tea and Sams home made scones in her cosy cottage

and read a few stories and did a few Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaws

until it was time to wave goodbye.

Monday 29 October 2012

Over The Sea to Skye

I'm on the Isle of Skye again. Me and Robert were invited to stay in the Timber House with the lovely Rachel Hazell. Given that it's my busiest time of year it's a pretty crazy time to go on holiday but this is a very important trip. 

It mostly looks like this. It's the recharging before the super duper busy season really gets going,  it's dreaming, lounging, breathing in fresh air, sharing ideas, restoring and recharging. 
Today we took a trip Neist Point. So many textures and colours to be seen.. 

We were all in our element exploring the rock pools and all the left over light house hauling equipment. Robert recorded the sound of the sea gently lapping against the rocks.

And now we're home again with our feet up, roasting a chicken and keeping an eye on the darkening sky. Rachels friend saw the aurora borealis here a few nights ago. I wouldn't want to miss that for anything!

Sunday 21 October 2012

I need a new studio space...

One like this would be nice...(image from here via Pinterest)

My two businesses Radiance and Hannah Nunn have lived happily together for the last seven years and have shared the same space. They have grown up together and they are now at an age where they are fighting for their own space. 

Radiance wants to grow and if HN didn't have her studio there would be more room to expand the shop space, have it's very own parcel wrapping station, more storage space and a more organised 'behind the counter' situation. 

And Hannah Nunn craves her own private studio space where she can become absorbed in the creative process without all the distractions that working in a shop space brings everyday. Where she can have plenty of space to produce her lamps and build and store stock. Where there is a place to be able to hold more of the materials and bits and pieces that she needs to build her lamps. Where there is space for people to help her make them too.

I have thought about this idea before but the two of them just weren't ready to be parted and I couldn't make it work in my head BUT something has changed and now as I carry the idea in my mind it feels GOOD...  like it has opened something up. It feels expansive. I feel bigger....like I have many more possibilities. 

So I'm looking for space. At least 150 square feet but more would be good. Light. Warm. Private (I don't really want to share). In Hebden Bridge, within walking distance of Radiance as there will be lots of lamp deliveries to make. 

SOOOOOOoooooo, if anyone knows of anything I will be very pleased to hear about it!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Spring Fling

I am featured on the Spring Fling website in their 'Looking In-Looking Out' feature which is, in their words 'a unique and un-edited insight into what, where and why artists create in the spaces they choose. 

The Spring Fling is one of the UK's most successful open studio events. This little video certainly makes me want to get out on my bike and go and visit lots of studio spaces..it even has it's very own song written especially!

Monday 15 October 2012

Adore Contemporary Boutique

I recently sent some lamps to a new stockist in Cornwall. Adore Contemporary Boutique in Falmouth has been recently opened by contemporary jeweller Jessica Hewitt who I know from doing the show circuit. What a lovely shop front it has.

And my lamps are happy to have their very own cupboard!

One day I WILL make it to Cornwall. In all my years I have never been. I like that my lamps have made it before I have!

Monday 8 October 2012

All the fun of the fair!

It's been a bit of a whirl at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.

Illuminate was launched into the world and it was received well!

It was busy and fun and it was nice to catch up with old 'show' friends and make some new ones too. Each year the network grows a little wider and gets a bit stronger. It is a lovely world to be a part of.

This year I was opposite Tone Von Krogh with her lovely thrown ceramics

so I had a good view!

I have a lovely student called Bryoney on a placement at the moment from her Textile Crafts degree at Huddersflied Uni and she came to help me out. She did well on the stand and having her there gave me a little time to have a quick explore of all the work on display.

Just down the aisle was Jennifer Collier and I picked out a few more of her gorgeous paper lampshades for Radiance.

One of Jennifers studio mates is Louise Wilson who does quirky wirework.

I was rather taken with her light bulbs. You might see some of those dangling in Radiance soon too.

I saw Suet Yi's ceramics at last years show but  she had all sold out. Thought I'd better snap some up this year. Ffion bought me one for Christmas :) On Suets website she says"Ceramics and I are bonded by destiny. It carries my love for a simple and quiet life".

 I see that. It actually does. It is gorgeous and she is such a sweet person. 

I might have to start a collection. They are so lovely displayed together.

It was nice to Jane Blease with her new table lamps

 and Carla Edwards and I did some good swaps!

...swap you a lamp for some earrings!!!

I met Kate Kelly of Kaper who makes 3D paper sculptures of birds and animals. Her little blue birds were very cute and her owls majestic!

(also coming to Radiance soon....I tried to inspire her to light them up, how cool would that be!)

I think the most astonishing thing I saw was Victoria Walkers kinetic jewellery. Daisies, roses and poppies that actually open and flies that flap their wings.

Her website has little videos to demonstrate. This Lotus one almost makes me cry it is so exquisite.

This selection is the tip of the ice burg, there was so much brilliance and creativity. The GNCCF website has the links to all of it

Thanks to everyone who came to visit my stand. You made it the best show ever!

Monday 1 October 2012

Book signing!

There are only a few days to go until the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair where I will be launching my new creation into the big wide world. I am full of nervous excitement.

 I hope you will be able to come and share this momentous occasion with me. 

You're all invited! x
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