Monday 15 September 2014

On The Tops

When you live in the valley bottom it's good to get out on the tops and yesterday my top dwelling friend Karen took me on one of her walks around Gorple reservoir.

Trudging and  talking is always a good way to catch up with a friend.

These weather beaten reservoir gate posts were such good colours.

There's not many tree's up there on the moors which made this big old beech tree stand out majestically.

 These stone pathways are so satisfying to walk on.

The heather was turning and the colours were awesome.

So many feathers along the way.

We made is back just in time for the sunset.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Liberty Open Call

Last Saturday I went down to London to The Best of British Open Call at Liberty. This is a rare opportunity for designers to go to the store to meet the buyers face to face and show them their work. 

People start queuing early with boxes, cases, furniture, clothing and all sorts and everyone is full of nervous excitement!  When I arrived at 7.30 am there were already about 200 people before me. When the shop doors open at 9 am the queue filters up and up the spiral stairs to the top floor where the buyers are waiting.

 It was lovely feeling like a part of this beautiful shop.  It is so polished and old and utterly beautiful, full of quality and craftsmanship. I visited the day before to have a look at the wallpaper department and I was happy that I thought my book would nestle in quite comfortably.

The buyers were so lovely and they liked my wallpapers a lot. I'm ever so happy about that as you can imagine :)

I'm looking forward to hearing from them again soon.
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