Tuesday 30 September 2008

Progress on the wall panels...

No panel photographs yet as I found I still had some design issues to iron out when I tried to mount them on the wall! After a few days of staring into space and a little help from my friends, a solution has been found and today I went to a local acrylic manufacturers (that I didn't know was there...very exciting discovery) and they are making me a prototype of the back plate of the panel. This will make them much easier to mount and will give them a lovely finish. Now that that is all in hand I can get back onto the designs. Phew, just might get a good nights sleep now!

Monday 22 September 2008

Flowering Rush

This week I hope to take some photographs of the wall panels. The whole collection is beginning to take shape which is exciting. I am waiting for the metal lamp holders to arrive so I can assemble them on the wall and take some pictures.

Tuesday 16 September 2008

In the Meadow

I have been working on a meadow design today. I love meadows. Ox Eye daisies are one of my favourite flowers that haven't yet cropped up in any of my lamp designs so they had to be there...along with English Plantain, some kind of grass (there are so many I can't name them) and Pignut (at the bottom). Aswell as Pignut being a pretty little flower, it has round tuberous roots that can be eaten. I tried one once...they're a bit like chickpeas!

Friday 12 September 2008


I've been happily cutting out leaves all day....so much so I can still see them when I close my eyes! I was in the creative zone all day, until I trapped my finger in my drawer and had to have a rest. Its my cutting finger! Luckily I have Chrissy (the healing hat lady) nextdoor at Hat Therapy who gave me something homeopathic to stop it throbbing! It seems to be working thank goodness. More cutting tomorrow...

Thursday 11 September 2008

Exhibition of illuminated wall panels at the Appleyard Gallery

In February I have an exhibition of newly developed illuminated wall panels. These are something that I have been developing for years in tiny fairy steps....never getting very far. My friend Susannah Thompson who owns the Appleyard Gallery in Holt, Norfolk and has sold my work successfully and with great enthusiasm for years, got very excited when i told her about them and said that she must have an exhibition! This gave me the final shove to get the idea finalised and develop my panels once and for all!

So I have been working very hard, figuring out the structure of the panels which is just about sorted. Now I'm into the lovely bit - the designs themselves. I'm in full creative swing...cutting out for hours everyday. I am luxuriating in taking my time over each piece. These are not so much 'products' like my everyday range of lamps are, but 'works of art' and it's really nice to work this way! Unusual for me.

The seed pods in the picture (photogaphed on my light table) have been a source of inspiration for a while since seeing them in old botanical illustrations. I love the amazing shapes of the seed pods and their intricate detail.

And tomorrow...leaves, ferns, hedgerow flowers.....I'm excited!

Getting ready for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

I'm getting ready for this new contemporary craft show at the moment...making stock, planning my stand and doing some new work. I have just had a look at the newly published exhibitor list and there are some great people doing the show..some that I know and some that I don't. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you can visit. It'll be a great place to find beautiful hand made Christmas presents from a selection of disciplines - ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and jewellery (i fit in undermixed media and misc)! Its on the 23rd-26th October at Manchester Grammar School. Here is the website so you can check out the finer details and order tickets. I'll be on stand R16. I hope to see you!

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Summer Drawing Competition

Hebden Bridge has been getting creative this summer with my drawing competition. Entrants came to Radiance to collect a special piece of parchment to draw on. We have had some fantastic, creative and beautiful designs from all ages.

We have chosen THREE winners so far...but its up to YOU to choose the final one! You can
vote for your favourite drawing on the Radiance website and choose your winner.

Here are the three happy winners that we have so far....

Rowan Richmond, Nat Hairsine and Sandra Boursin. Congratulations. The lamps will go on display in the shop window for a few weeks and then they will be going home with their owners.

Lovely arent they.

If you'd like to vote for our next winner please visit the Radiance website.

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