Tuesday 29 October 2013

Wallpaper photos...

We've been busy! 

Winter lamp orders have kicked in. As soon as the nights get longer things go up a noticeable notch so it's been all go in the workshop every day. And as well as the lamp making we have our new baby to look after - the wallpaper. Thanks to Emma (her twitter feed is all about cycling but she is also a brilliant decorator) there has been lots of wallpapering going on so that Sarah and me could style and shoot some photographs.

Sarah and Suzi now have Paper Meadow in teal in their living room. It looks really lovely in there.

Shown here with their Kirsty Elson house. So cute.

We love this photo shot through a roll! Sarah doesn't miss a photo opportunity.

Our friend Beckah has the Beech Leaves in pebble in one of their bedrooms. Shown here with my Ikuko Iwamoto vases that I bought from the lovely Snug Gallery.

We needed to capture it's special sheen.

It's quite subtle this one.

The Kraft colourway looks so nice with the glow of my lamps.

The Beech leaves in mint is perhaps the hardest to communicate the colour of on screen but this comes close.

I've been pinning lots of pictures today. Feel free to join in.

....and I feel a giveaway coming on. Just working out where and when. Stay tuned.


Saturday 19 October 2013

The Greatness of The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

I always come back from The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester inspired by all the wonderful makers and ideas, thankful to all the customers who took a keen interest in my work...and a bit knackered as it's five long days of excitement and commuting and it takes it out of me! 

There was a lot of interest in my wallpaper. Hooray! There were loads of people walking round with my samples. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun show and thanks to everyone who came with compliments and lovely things to say. It was really nice.

 I realised at about 4.30 on the last day that I'd hardly taken any pictures for my annual blog post so I had a quick run round. There was soooo much beauty to be seen. These pictures are a tiny drop in the ocean of loveliness.

I was opposite a lovely ceramicist called Brittany Delany this year. Always nice to have someone to have a chat and a giggle with.

A Northern Light Claire was doing the show for the first time. 

Her stand (and her dear self) looked bright and lovely.

 We were across the aisle from Juliette Hamilton and we watched her create her beautiful willow creatures while she chatted to people on her stand. 

One minute she had made a sphere and next time you looked it had antlers! Impressive. She made all the visiting children magic wands too. Very sweet.

How sweet are these ceramic watch bracelets by Alice Walton? Very sweet indeed!

And we were entertained with the stories behind these plates by Katie Spragg. It was a mystery when these french bees started making blue honey...until they discovered they had been feeding on vats of blue m&m food colouring outside a factory.

...and this fox was found living on the 72nd floor of the Shard building in London, the UK's highest sky scraper, living on scraps of food left by construction workers! Wow.

It was nice to see by Kirtsy. We're going to be stocking her plywood Sphery's at radiance very soon.

Couldn't resist a photo of lovely Jane Blease's colourful embroidered brooches...I think I take one every year!

Suet Yi was there with her ceramics that I love.

I bought one of her beautiful bird tiles.

Ffion visited and bought a gorgeous ring with a spinning gemstone from Corinne Evans.

I was really glad to discover that Andy of Vinegar & Brown Paper was exhibiting for the first time too. I absolutely love his ideas (which he cleverly etches into glass).

Someone who didn't really get it asked him if he was a wizard. 

He said yes! 

Lovely! All in all.

Now I'm back and settled back in the studio the Christmas gallery orders are rolling in so we're making like loons! No rest for me!

Monday 7 October 2013

GNCCF is this week

I'll be here at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at the end of the week. I'm busy in the studio packing and painting and working out the best way to hang wallpaper without paste!

I'll be on stand 131. be sure to say hello if you're coming :)

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