Monday 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I think it's been the busiest Christmas season EVER. Thank you for all your orders. You have certainly kept us very busy in the studio. I'm going to take a break until the 6th of January when I'll be launching back into action to take my wallpapers to HOME London exhibition at Earls Court.

This lovely picture is at our friend Rebecca Land-Caves house. She has papered her living room in kraft Paper Meadow. I'm grateful to Sarah for her little Christmas photo-shoot and to Rebecca for being SO enthusiastic about my wallpapers. 

I'm grateful to many people for that and I can't wait to do more designs next year but right now I'm looking forward to a big, cosy Christmas rest. It's been quite a year.

Happy Christmas everyone and may all your 2014 wishes come true xxxx

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Angela Smyth - Sketching a Town (and my house)

It's really nice to have recently got to know this super talented artist and all round lovely person Angela Smyth recently. Remember the Valley of Lights lamps last year?...these were hers...or perhaps you've seen her amazing paintings or her fabulous South Pennines map?

A couple of weeks ago we had an evening drinking wine and nattering and at some point in the conversation we talked about my shop/house and how it's the only 'house' left on market street in amongst all the shop fronts and how she had always noticed it and wondered about it, just like me before I lived in it! WELL her keen artistic eye has certainly noted it and it was a lovely surprise when it 'Hannah's place' appeared in her video of her 'sketching a town'.

Look out for it.

Made me smile so much :)

Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas Open Studios

This weekend there were Christmas open studios at Northlights and Brooklyn studio groups and we popped a long yesterday afternoon. I don't get round the studios in the summer because my own is open and usually I work in the shop every Sunday in December (not this year now we have the lovely Suzi) so it was a treat to get to visit myself. 

We started of in Brooklyn Studios and I really liked Angie Rogers work. Gorgeous papercuts, prints and dioramas.

We had a little conversation about lighting these up. I always want to illuminate everything! Papercutting and light just go hand in hand don't they!

Now this cute lady is Cathy Edwards or 'Cathy Bags' as we call her fondly. I have known Cathy since I first moved to Hebden in 1999 and got my tiny studio space at Northlights where she was a full time shoemaker crafting posh brogues for London gentlemen. 

Cathy was always the first one in the studio in the morning and the last to leave at night. Such a hard worker and super skilled.

Now, when she is not  in her little white cottage on the side of a hill tending her three small children she is busy making her own range of coveatable leather bags. She's a clever one.

Cathy is opposite lovely printmaker Linda Thomas (I can imagine there's quite a lot of gossiping going on) who has been making these lovely little printed books.

And let me introduce you to my friend Hannah Penguin. Well really she is Hannah Lawson but as she spends a lot of time in the Antarctic and doesn't make lamps this helps us all know which Hannah we're talking about!

Hannah has an incredible life as a wildlife guide on cruise ships in far flung places. She then comes back to her little studio in Hebden Bridge and creates woodcut prints and paintings of the amazing things she has seen.

She takes awesome photos too.

Then we popped next door to Northlights. This studio group is where I first started on my artistic journey all those years ago. They were good old days :)

Kate Boyce is still there. When I first knew her she was painstakingly hand painting colour separations for wallpaper design company. Now she is a sought after landscape painter and lampshade designer/maker (we sell her brand House of Chintz at Radiance).

It was exciting to see that she is now experimenting with ceramics too.

This is Rachel Hawthorn making some felt. 

And this is smiley Kate Rhodes. She is a jeweller but the picture I took of her earrings was all blurry. 

You'll have to look on her website instead!

Lastly we popped in on Andy Pointon and it was lovely to see all his gorgeous fifties inspired prints together.

I bought one of his pretty shopping bags. I'll be going to the Co-op in style.

It was a satisfying hour of seeing what everyone had been up to and having a chat. There are loads of artists who I haven't even talked about here too. Next year. End of June. We'll all be open for two weekends this time so you'll have to make a day of it...or even a weekend. 

Keep an eye on the Hebden Bridge Open Studios website for details.

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