Tuesday 23 June 2015

My fabrics are on my website

I have spent a lovely day photographing my fabric and I am pleased to say it is now on my website and available to buy! Hooray!

Here is the Blush.

It's really pretty.

And here is the Teal.

And here is the charcoal.

Samples are available too so you can match your colours.

Now my eyes are square from hours on the computer. It's just too much fun pinning new images to Pinterest (new fabric board) and sharing them everywhere I can think of! Please feel free to take over from me. I need to go and cook my tea :)

Friday 19 June 2015

My fabric is HERE!

Yesterday was a happy day. My long awaited fabric arrived from the factory.

Meet my three new babies. Charcoal, Teal and Blush.

It's nearly as tall as me.

It's very lovely and I am ever so pleased with it. The printers have done a fine job indeed.

I love the selvedge. 

So today we have been getting to know it. It a new thing for me.  It's not paper! I have little bits of fabric fluff all over my leggings but I have some neat piles of samples waiting to find their way into the hands of some creative customers...

Next week we will be taking photos and as soon as they are ready I will be putting them on my website ready to go!

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Emma Linney's final show

This is Emma Linney. She's having a well deserved glass of fizz at the preview of her final degree show on the Surface Design course at Huddersfield Uni. Emma did an internship with me on her placement year and we all loved her. During her final year I wanted to keep her on so I offered her a job and she has been working in the studio two or three days ever since. She has built one or two lamps and posted an odd parcel here and there (okay there have been LOADS) and been a bright spirit in the studio in general. All the while we have shared the journey of  her last year at uni and how she brought together her final show. 

Her course is the Surface Design BA and the students can experiment with a huge range of techniques, printers and high tech machinery. Some students create finished products and some, like Emma create a collection of samples to inspire interior designers to use them in their projects.

The results were stunning. I'm glad Emma was there to talk me through the processes that each piece went through; U.V printing, laser cutting, screen-printing, laser rasterisation and more...

She now has many possibilities to explore with regards to her future. She is hard working, bright and creative. She will do well whatever she decides to do. I will be sad to lose her but super proud when she flies the nest and goes out into the world.

Monday 8 June 2015

Wallpaper at Elmet Farmhouse

I just visited Lesley Jacksons Elmet Farmhouse to see my Teal Paper Meadow wallpaper which has been used in the upstairs bathroom.

And very fine it looks too with her lovely Ercol chair which happened to be painted that colour already!

It was lovely to have a tour of the garden in bloom. Last time I was there installing lamps it was the dead of winter and the garden was just a promise.

I love these cute things.

Beautiful Astrantias. My Mum calls them Hatties Pincushions.

Lesley has a garden gate that opens out onto a meadow. How utterly perfect is that!

I walked home through the fields

which are bursting with detail and loveliness. 

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