Monday, 28 March 2011

The Wedding of Bob & The Beauty

This weekend we went to a very special wedding! My dear friend Rachel (we go back years and years and were both very 'single' for quite some time together) met the lovely Bob not so very long ago and they fell in love instantly! He endearingly named her 'The Beauty' and the nickname has kind of stuck! So this was the wedding of Bob and The Beauty!

Her two lovely children I have known since they were babies and besides my own are my all time favourite children! Didn't they look amazing! They make such a gorgeous family and if there was any weeping done on the day (by me) it was when I looked at them all looking so happy together. I'm so glad they all met the Bob!

There were simple tulips (me and Lynn had a very early start sorting them out at the venue in the morning...we had our orders)...

..there were party bags complied by Olivia (cos she's good at that kind of thing)...

and lovely photos taken for the name place cards by John cos he's good at that kind of thing...

..and I can't think who made these candle covers for them....

Rachel's Mums friend made the beautiful cake.

The wedding photo wall was ace. Rachel and Bob put loads of family wedding pictures in frames and left one you could stand behind to have your photo taken.

You can imagine the kind of pictures being taken at the end of the night. Here is my dear boy looking lovely!

From this point on the photos are too drunken and rather blurry so I will spare you but it was a very fun night....a fun weekend actually. It was all over way too fast though. Can't wait to hear all about it from the brides point of view when they get back from their honeymoon.x

Monday, 21 March 2011


Me and Ffion went up the hill to watch Saturday nights Supermoon rising. She balanced her camera precariously on a gate post to take this long exposure. She's not so keen on this picture but I love it. I love the hill of colourful windows, the twinkly orange streetlights and the big mysterious moon rising.

There are some awe inspiring pictures of the Supermoon on Flickr. You must have look!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hannah Nunn lamps at home

I would love to know where all my lamps go when I say goodbye to them at the Post Office and send them out into the world! Sometimes people send me photos so I get to see them in their new homes which is lovely. I thought I'd gather all the pictures together and share them on my brand new blog Hannah Nunn lamps at home.

If you have one, do email it over and I'll add yours too...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Debbie Bryan and her Nottingham Lace

I've just been down to Nottingham for another inspiring book research trip (I won't give anything away, 2012 launch remember!) and I took the opportunity to catch up with Debbie Bryan a friend who I have met through various craft shows over the last few years. Debbie is a maker with a shop too, just like me so it's really inspiring to hear about what she's been up to and share ideas. Debbie is a textile artist and makes beautiful knitted and felted scarves as well as range of scrumptious resin jewellery to compliment. She opened her shop a few years ago in Nottinghams historic lace market and this inspired her to launch a heritage collection of lace inspired products. Here is one of her lace brooches.

Nottingham is famous for it's lace production and it was crafted by people all over the town and then traded in the lace market. Sadly there's not much production happening anymore but lots of people remember it from when they were children and come into the shop with their lace stories and lace samples. They have however met a chap who still makes lace after all these years and he brought them lots of original lace patterns which are exquisite. They now sit beautifully framed in the shop.

Debbie has invited many of her exhibiting artists to make some lace inspired products for the collection. This delicate jug by Katie Almond was one of my favourites.

AND I have had some lace inspired ideas of my own whilst on the train home (can you believe it Debbie, at last) so hopefully some lamps will be able to join the collection soon!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring Greens!

Now I don't often find the time to make Etsy treasuries but I was inspired by some lovely things tonight when I was shopping for shrugs for my dear friend Rachels wedding (in TWO weeks). I found some perfect ones but they were from far off distant lands (such is the world of Etsy) and I didn't leave enough time. Anyway tonight I was inspired by green. I think it started with the lovely house mobile and went from there. Go over and have a closer look because there are such lovely things to be seen.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Morning Walk

We are loving our Friday morning walks and they are now embedded nicely into the shape of the week. We went up Mytholm Steeps and up the Cat Steps (phew, that got the heat up) and from the top you get an unusual view of Hebden Bridge. You can barely make it out in the fog but I thought I'd show you anyway.

It was all quite wintry until we found this clump of snowdrops which showed the promise of Spring. I found the perfect specimen of an umbellifer skeleton (don't know which type, do tell).

It felt like my magic wand so we made wishes all the way home!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I just had a spent a lovely fifteen minutes on Twitter and have just 'met' an illustrator called Victoria Archer (@bella_lovebird if your on Twitter) and I skipped over to her blog and discovered her beautiful paintings and illustrations. We agreed we both have an obsession for flowers. Amongst them was this fritillary picture...

and she reminded how much I love these flowers. I tried to do a fritillary design once but the beautiful chequered leaves, which really do sum up their 'fritillaryness' 'proved too tricky to cut by hand. I am now inspired to revisit this flower now I have the super duper laser technology. Thought I'd check out the brilliant BioLib for illustrations and found there to be a particularly lovely one. All inspired again...

Harebells, Wood Anemones and VAT!

Today I have added the new designs to the website. Harebells and Wood Anemones. I am still working on new ideas...well I am in theory but with the London trip and writing up all the interviews I haven't had much time (I've been listening to the dictaphone recordings...everyone is great but I am SO sick of the sound of my own voice I tell you). I'll be back on to new designs next week. I'm looking forward to my limited edition botanical range.

Another thing I had to do today which was not at all fun was increase all the prices on my website because as of today I am VAT registered. OUCH! It hurt to have to put the prices up, especially when I have to give it all to Mr Taxman but it can't be avoided. I mean in one way it's good news...the business is doing well and everything but on the other hand I don't like passing the extra cost on to my lovely customers. Such is the way of things!
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