Sunday, 30 August 2009

Harker Harrop - Our new Hairdressers!

At first we were a little upset when our lovely mobile hairdresser Michelle said she couldn't come to our house to cut out our hair anymore because she was opening a salon of her own. I never really like going to the hairdressers all that much. Anyway I got over it - firstly because I love it when people start their own businesses and secondly because it's GORGEOUS! It is a beautiful light and airy space with huge sash windows over looking the trees and the river. It's got a lovely relaxed feel and Michelle and Marshall are most welcoming. We like going on a Sunday cos you can read the Sunday papers and have a cup of tea and watch the canoeists having fun in the river. Oh..and the haircuts are good too!!!

Harker Harrop, 1-3 Central Buildings, Sowerby Bridge Tel 01422 831700 (you can see it from the train when you go through Sowerby Bridge).

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Our trip to Hastings

We went to stay in Wendy and Chris's beautiful house in Hastings.

I loved their kitchen cabinet...

We went to the beach...

sang songs...

did some fishing...

and watched the seagulls.

We visited Wendy's workshop...

...very interesting...

and Chris's workshop...

and we saw how yurts were made in the workshop nextdoor...amazing!

We had a lovely walk

down to a secluded cove

...and we were all very happy!

Things we found on the beach

We have just returned from the most glorious visit to Hastings. I was just sitting here daydreaming about being back on the beach with Wendy and Chris and the kids. My daughter Ffion made this mosaic of 'things we found on the beach' (we didn't actually 'find' the biscuit, just so you know). It was a very inspiring trip and I'll post more bits and pieces once I've sorted through our photos.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Honeysuckle lamp

I just made a honeysuckle table lamp. I love honeysuckle. It's a pity I can't make my lamps take on the fragrance of the flower. It would be great to have the smell of warm summer evenings in your living room. AnywayI have just listed it in here my Etsy shop.

We're going to Hastings tomorrow for a few days to visit the lovely Wendy Jung. Looking forward to seeing the sea!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift

Beca commissioned these personalised lanterns as a paper wedding anniversay gift for her husband Gruff! Their anniversary is today! the way 'Awst' is August in Welsh. Happy anniversary you two!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Just joined twitter

It's been a quiet day sitting in my shop today so I finally had a moment to investigate the whole Twitter thing. I havent tweeted anything particularly interesting yet but if you would like to follow me, you never know I might say something interesting at some point soon!!

Feeding Tintin

I've been feeding my friends cat while they've been on holiday. He's a handsome and talkative chap and meowed endlessley while i took pictures of the beautiful Japanese Anemone's in their garden. If I hadn't already made a Japanese Anemone lamp I might be inspired to create one!!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It's my Mum and Dads 41st wedding anniversary today! They are moving house next week and whilst sorting through their last 33 years of living at their current house they unearthed this fantastic picture. Love it! This chimney sweep certainly brought them good fortune by showing up at their wedding! Happy anniversary!!!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Making a Terrarium

I fell in love with a big hand blown glass jar in the Willow Garden (Hebden Bridges lovely florists) yesterday and knew immediately that it would look amazing planted up as a terrarium. I went online to find instructions which was easy as they seem to be quite in vogue at the moment. Isn't it funny how influenced we can be without even realising it! During this search i fell upon one of Gennines images which I favourited on Etsy ages ago. Her illustrations are lovely and her blog is truly inspirational. See how i have been influenced by her pictures. It's the same shaped jar and everything!

Anyway i love my terrarium (all day long I've been saying terranium, don't know where i got that from). I love the layers of pebbles, moss and compost and all the fresh green plants seem magnified in the glass. It is a miniature world....I want to make another now!

Thanks Gennine for letting me use your images!x
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