Monday 6 December 2010

Homes & Gardens Feature

My personalised fairy lights are in Homes & Gardens magazine this month. They commissioned some for this photo shoot a few months back but it wasn't until today that I saw the finished result. I let out a little yelp on the bus when I opened the page! What a great picture. It is such a crying shame that I can't make any of them at the moment. In the New Year I WILL sort out my paper I promise and get them on the go again!

Tuesday 30 November 2010

It's a busy time for us designer/makers

This time of year is a mixed blessing. I'm so happy to have lots of orders but finding the time to make them all is challenging to say the least. Today I made lamps from 8 til 6 non stop and I came home with an aching body and so so tired. Got lots done though! Lots of personalised lamps being ordere as prezzies this year! I am now a little restored after a rest and a bit of yoga (WHAT would I do without a bit of yoga) and some tea cooked by my darling daughter, so I just thought I'd say hello as I haven't managed to blog for ages!

There's all sorts of stuff going on. This Saturday Radiance, Hat Therapy and Snug Gallery are having our annual 'Handmade Christmas Fair' ...basically mulled wine, interesting nibbles from Lidl (like those lovely German, gingery biscuits with the thinnest icing on... yum) and a prize draw with great prizes from all three shops! Come along if you're about. 10-5.

The Art Market is having a satellite event at The Huddersfield Festival of Light. There will be lots of artists and makers having stalls. I won't be there but a couple of my lamps will be present! For more info visit the website.

...and I will be making lots more lamps!!! Bye for now.x

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Stockists Map

I made this Google map of all my stockists for the new website which was fun to do ( I thought this would be really hard to do but it was really really easy). Nice to see how my stockists are spread out across the country (or not so spread out if you look at Yorkshire/Lancs). I can also see where the gaps are. Ireland? I need some lamps in Ireland don't I. Anyone got any ideas of pretty shops that might like some lamps???

I love that I have some right up in Orkney. That's like the cherry on the top!

Thursday 4 November 2010

Christmas Treasure Hunt at The Secret Arcade

The Secret Arcade is all dressed up and decorated for Christmas (look at Radiance's lovely Christmas wreath) and to get us into the festive spirit there is a treasure hunt to participate in. If you take a wander down the aisles you will find hidden letters that make up the words HAPPY CHRISTMAS. If you click on the letters you will find some treats and surprises from the shops. Go and have a play! Radiance is in the Home Decoration aisle.

Crafts In the Bay Festive Feast

I've just sent some lamps off to Cardiff to the Craft in the Bay Christmas Exhibition. There's a list of exhibitors here. Looks like it's going to be nice! Wish I could make it down. I like Cardiff!

Friday 29 October 2010

Lovi Birds

These gorgeous birds from Lovi arrived at Radiance this week. They are a sort of flat packed postcard that you can build into this lovely bird shape. One of them is perching perfectly on one of my lamps! Very sweet.

The post show mayhem is dying down. My workshop is almost straight again. Most of my left over stock went off to three Christmas exhibitions yesterday. Farfield Mill, Ropewalk Contemporary Art & Craft and Bedazzled at The Yorkshire Craft Centre. Oh that's nice, I just discovered that Bradford and Farfield are both using lamp pictures on their front pages!

Right off to have a quick cuppa with the lovely Hannah Lawson in her new studio at Brooklyn Studios before she goes of to the Antarctic again!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Helen Musselwhite Interview!

I am very lucky that through my work I get to meet some amazing and talented people who are a huge inspiration. One such person is Helen Musselwhite, famous for her intricate papercut artworks of woodland glades and cheeky, colourful owls in trees! I have been selling her work at Radiance for a few years now and she very kindly agreed to do one of our Radiance podcasts, so Fiona went over to her studio at her home in Manchester and she told us her story. It's well worth a listen...and there are pictures too. I hope you can pop over to my Radiance blog to have a look and a listen!

GNCCF pictures

As I said in my last post when you go to a show it's always nice to see old show friends and have a good gossip. We took so many pictures this year that I'm a little overwhelmed but here are afew!

The lovely Helaina Sharpley and her wirework!

A smiley Debbie Bryan!

I was nextdoor to Monica Boxley this year. Lovely bags! Lovely lady!

I was opposite the colourful Alice Gow...

...and Laura Bennet with her nature inspired jewellery. These earrings are made from real acorn cups.

Samantha Bryan was there with her Brains Fairies. She had some amazing rollercoasting ones this year.

Nice to see Jane Blease. I bought some wall lights for Radiance!

I also bought some Ken Eardley lamp bases. Years ago at bctf I hassled him to make lamp bases....and he did but then I never got round to ordering any. Got some this time! About time I think!

Here is Jill Ford with her ceramics. Jill was my travelling companion this year. It was nice getting to know her!

and here is Laura Slater!

Gosh I'm tired now! There were loads more pictures...there ARE loads of pictures on my camera of all the amazing work at GNCCF this year but I'm tired now so I'm going to pass it all to Fiona. Perhaps she will put them on her blog!!!!
I hope you enjoy exploring some of these links. Some truly amazing talent!

Ffions latest creation

Remember a while back I told you about Ffions photography book (which incidentally is selling well), well now she has made a zine too and it is selling like hotcakes. She printed 50 last week and I think there are only 5 left (that was at teatime, perhaps they have all gone by now!). They are for sale here.

Friday 22 October 2010

GNCCF 2010

It's all going well at GNCCF. It's always really lovely to catch up with show friends and make some new ones! I'm liking my new stand. I'm happy that I chose the brown. It really sets things off. My Mum and Dad came to visit today and took some piccies of it (and me). The show is still on for two more days so pop along if you're in the area. I'll try and take some pictures of the rest of the show if I can because there is lots of very very inspiring work!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

New Website is finished!

It's been a very long day but I have one last thing to say before I hit the sack! HOORAY I have finished and uploaded my new website!!!! Here it is

Pheweee. Today I set up my stand for GNCCF too. I am pleased with my new stand. The dark brown paint worked really well and the new cupboards made by Clare Scott are fabulous. The casters made the whole thing much earier. Wheeeeling the cupboards along the pavement. Ahhh. Why did I never put casters on those heavy cupboards beforee? I'll post some pictures of the stand when I take some at the show. Remember it's open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Spinningfields in Manchester. I'm really looking forward to it!

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Sweet Dreams

A customer ordered these two personalised lamps which I made today. They make a really sweet pair. They would look great in a children's room on opposite ends of a shelf or something. They would make nice night lights if used on a dimmable plug. I am currently working on a page for my website making it easy to order the personalised lamps. At the moment they are not on my website at all. How silly is that! Won't be long though!

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Cherry Blossom

Someone on Etsy asked me if I could do a Cherry Blossom lamp for her new babies bedroom. I do a much simplified blossom design which was one of my first designs. Back in the day, before I had a laser cutting man i had to keep my designs very simple in order to be able to reproduce them. Nowadays I can put in much more detail and not hurt myself whilst doing it! Hooray! I'm really pleased with this design today!

This afternoon I've been doing a mock up of my new exhibition stand in time for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. I wanted to do something different this year as my stand has been pretty much the same for years and I'm a bit bored of it to be honest! I'm going to have dark brown cupboard tops with cut out letters for the descriptions and prices and stuff. I have been dreading pulling it all together but after choosing this lovely paint colour and seeing how well the letters stand out I'm REALLY excited. Sometimes it's a bit painful while a new idea is in it's incubation period! There's four weeks to go until the show. Who's coming to visit?

Front Page Success!

I have been selling my lamps on the wonderful Etsy for nearly two years but I have never made a treasury. For those who are not familiar with the site, go and have a look, you'll love it. It's a worldwide platform for buying and selling handmade goods. It's a wonderful online community and there are lots of clever ways of sharing and promoting work. One way is a 'treasury'. As an Etsy member you can curate a collection of Etsy products that you love and that fit your chosen theme. If you're really lucky this collection can end up on the front page and get viewed by thousands of people across the world. The other night I made a couple of treasuries for the first time and I really got into it. You get to scour the site whilst searching for beautiful products and images and discover some real gems along the way. I don't know if you read, but last week in Hastings we made my friend Wendy Jung an Etsy site and thought that 'urchin' would be a good search term for her nightlights. This inspired me to search the site for other urchin type things....and away we went. A treasury was born.

It was wonderfully satisfying so I couldn't stop there. You see that lovely bird print at the top of this picture. Well I bought this last week. These cute little guys are now looking lovely in my living room....I also bought the hedgerow earrings that i blogged about and thought I'd use hedgerow as a theme. What do you find there? Hedgehogs, flowers, mice, spiders in their webs....I found so many lovely things by lots of clever, clever creative people out there!

To top it off, BOTH of my treasuries made the front page of Etsy last night and I was so very happy to discover this thismorning! I will certainly be making more!

If you want to look closer at any of these things you can see them here.

Friday 17 September 2010

Hedgerow Earrings

I just bought some of Joanna Rutters Hedgerow earrings. The earrings came on a lasercut cloud in a little blue box tied in red and white string...oooh what a treat!

Thursday 16 September 2010

This years trip to Hastings

I have just a had a few days away visiting my lovely friends Wendy and Chris in their gorgeous house in Hastings. (Have look at the post of our last visit cos there are lots of's so lovely). Wendy has a brilliant eye for 'old stuff' - vintage, antiques and junk and her house is full of beautiful collections of things! Hastings is the perfect place for this as it is FULL of antique yards and shops in which to rummage! She has rummaged well and her house is very inspiring!

So we had to go for a good look around the shops. This was an amazing one - a mixture of old and new set in an old hardware shop. The owner has kept the original fixtures and fittings and has set beautiful products in amongst all the old drawers, shelves and nooks and crannies. It's a really unique and exciting space.

The weather was pretty bleak mostly. We lasted about 5 minutes on the beach. Hard to imagine that this time last year, only a few weeks before we were swimming in that sea. brrrrrrrrr.

It was lovely to stay all tucked up in the house with the wind howling just drinking tea and catching up! We built Wendy an Esty shop. I have been nudging her to do it for ages and now she has. It's really pretty. Here are some of her decorations...

I took some work to a brand new and very lovely gallery called Cuckoo Cuckoo Contemporary Crafts. It's a tiny space but has lots of beautiful work- ceramics, textiles, paintings, prints....and now some lamps too which suit the space quite nicely! It was nice to meet Sarah-Jane Whittaker who runs the gallery with her husband Paul. She's a jeweller who has a jewellery school in Eastbourne. They have been running artists open houses for years and were inspired to open a gallery. Good idea. It's lovely!

I did a little photoshoot in Wendys house too, inspired to use some of their lovely things as props. There were some nice ones but they are all a little bit dark. I'm still working on them though.

Thanks Wendy. Nice to know we can fit quite alot in a couple of days. I had a lovely time!xxx

Thursday 9 September 2010

Snowdrops in the spotlight

I was flicking through this old notebook today and found these doodles of my snowdrop lamp design, which was funny as I'd just been photographing it for the new website. The snowdrops and paperwhites made it onto lamps but the crocuses haven't yet...maybe they will be to come...

The lovely little ceramic bird in the photo is by Shan Valla.

I also found some sketches of the Radiance website plans too before it was built. You can see them here.

Tuesday 7 September 2010


I now have my work on Decogalerie, a French website for selling the work of artists and designers. My biog sounds so beautiful in French....

Hannah Nunn, créatrice britannique, travaille exclusivement le papier. Elle le découpe pour en faire une collection originale de luminaires poétiques, inspirées par la nature et le monde botanique. Hannah conçoit et fabrique ses lampes dans son petit atelier de Hebden Bridge, en Angleterre. Lampes de table, de sol, applique ou encore suspension, tous les luminaires de Hannah Nunn ont un point commun : la délicatesse des dessins et la douceur de leur lumière.

...picture of me in my petit atelier de Hebden Bridge!

Monday 6 September 2010

Busy Day (off?)

I'm working on my new website at the moment. Just chipping away when I get the time. I'd like to get it launched by the time I do GNCCF. Today found I had some images missing so I went to the workshop, made the lamps and photographed all of them. I'm quite pleased with myself. It's been a very focused day. My eyes are tired but I'm still a bit excited so can't quite switch the computer off yet! Monday is usually my day off but you couldn't stop me from working today.

I never have had a photo of my small oval Daisy lamp. At last!

I have been invited to sell my work on Decogalerie. It's a web shop for designers and artists based in France.' Une sélection de créations d'artistes, artisans d'art, designers en pièce unique et série limitée'. A whole new country! They will translate my product listings for me. so it's great. They asked for a shot of my studio so I took this one today. Now I am going to upload it. Bye bye...

Friday 3 September 2010

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2010

Next month I'll be exhibiting at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. Looking forward to it....lots more planning and making to do before though. Today they launched their new website. There's an amazing kaleidoscope all made up of exhibitors work on the front page. It spins round and everything! It's stunning. Go and have a quick look!
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