Tuesday 19 February 2019

Mallow finds the perfect home

I am so delighted with these beautiful pictures by Dutch blogger and photographer Elle Interieur. Danielle van der Reijden came across my wallpaper on Pinterest and my new Mallow colourway in my Paper Meadow wallpaper spoke to her straight away.

Danielle is well known for a soft and neutral palette in her beautiful home and she wanted to introduce a little colour in a subtle floral wallpaper. Mallow was just the thing.

And so a little collaborative spark between Hebden Bridge and Lisse in Holland began and we exchanged ideas and got to know each other a little bit. I even had some Dutch lessons!

And she is a fast (and excited) worker! No sooner had the wallpaper arrived she was away, sending me videos on Instagram of work in progress as she made space for it in her living/dining room.

Then she set to work with her camera and here are the results.

She has put them altogether on her blogpost and I keep scrolling through it over and over. It is so gentle on the eyes and the soul - the way she has styled the photos and the way she has presented the photo's too. 

It was just my hope for mallow - that someone would see what a gentle and calming colour it is and give it a perfect setting.

In her blogpost Danielle say 'In my home it connects perfectly. I find everything from her collection a relief. The calm, colours and durable paper of the wallpaper I am totally HAPPY!'

And I am happy too. Thankyou so much Danielle for your vision and your beautiful work and thanks Pinterest for working your magic and helping me make connections around the world with my work.

Do follow @ellefotografie's beautiful account on Instagram and see more photo's from her home day to day.

Friday 1 February 2019

Happy New (business) Year!

Yesterday was a big day of endings. It was the last day of our shop lease, the last day of trading for radiance and the last day of my business year over here in the Hannah Nunn studio. 

So today feels like a new year - a new beginning, the first day of my new business year. A time for reflecting on the past and making plans for the future.  

Moving out of the shop and restoring the premises back to how we found it has been tough emotionally and physically and it feels really good to have finished. Next week I'm having a nice week off for rest and recuperation and then I'll be back to launch into our annual SECONDS SALE!

 The sale will start on my website on Tuesday 12th February at 6pm. There will be many 'seconds' of lamps and candle covers for sale half price and everything else will have a 25% discount. So if you want to buy wallpaper or a chair or something then it would be a good time to do it. The sale will run for a week.

Now that we don't have a shop any more things will be a little different. If you haven't got a stockist nearby and you'd like to see things in the flesh you are welcome to visit me in my studio if you make an appointment first. I think I'll have an open studio day a few times a year too but I'll keep you posted about that.

So, hope to 'see' you in my sale on the 12th of Feb. Until then I will be in the woods or in the Turkish baths or somewhere else just chilling! x

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