Friday 18 July 2014

Lost & Found

James at Lost & Found has been selling my lamps for years and even though it's only in Holmfirth I had never been to visit. Until now.

How lovely it is.

He sells a mixture of old and new - furniture, art, craft, lighting and Annie Sloan paints.

Some things he reconditions and brings back to life himself so there are lots of one off pieces to be snapped up.

It's only small but packed full of carefully chosen gorgeousness...

some of which spills out into the street. 

My lamps illuminate their very own stairwell.

 I'm so glad we visited. Thanks James for the' red carpet treatment'. It was very nice to see you :)

Thursday 10 July 2014

Happy days in the studio...

It's so nice having Ffion home from uni. Now that her head is no longer in her studies she is having a whirl of creative energy and she's always up to something fun. The other day she decided she wanted to make notebooks, so after a trip to Manchester for supplies she came to work alongside me in the studio.

We have been two happy bunnies. I've been drawing lots, trying to capture the meadow grasses before they go to seed and exclaiming at the supreme delicateness of every blade of grass and Ffion has been learning to make books and exclaiming at the roundness of every corner made by her new corner punch. Ahhhh.

The other extra special thing about this week is that Emma, who came to work with us on a placement from uni before Christmas has started officially working for me for a couple of days a week. She's so good, we wanted to keep her forever. So, Emma and Suzi were making and boxing lamps and doing all the business stuff, while I was in the studio drawing. This is what I've been building up to for some time. That is where I want to be. It felt like I was living the dream :) I even went for a  mid afternoon walk through the meadow in a cloud of butterflies collecting grasses to draw. Ahhhh (again).

So many kinds of grass.

 I just love them all.

especially these ones.

  And look at Ffions creations.

 Beautiful round cornered handmade notebooks with circle cutouts revealing a pretty patterned insert. She's used up all my Japanese paper but it had been waiting to become something lovely so that's ok.

 Ffion being Ffion wasted no time in getting them photographed and in her Behind The Sun  Etsy shop straight away. She's an inspiration. 

It's lovely watching her get as excited about little things as I do.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Homes & Antiques

 My friend Rachel spotted this when she opened her copy of Homes & Antiques magazine on her flight to Croatia yesterday. 

It's a lovely feature all about Hebden Bridge and they have given Radiance such a sweet write up.

Aw I love my little shop!

Thanks for featuring us Homes & Antiques.

Friday 4 July 2014

Wallpaper in Japan

It was good to get a little package from Japan this morning.

Walpa, who are my new wallpaper distributor in Japan, publish their own wallpaper magazine called Wallpaper World and they have put me in it. They sent me a copy with a lovely handwritten note.

They wrote about all the things the new wallpaper that they discovered in New York.

I'm so happy to be working with these guys. They are great :)

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