Sunday 22 November 2009

Troublesome Poppers

I have been having a bit of trouble with the poppers that secure the cylinders of my lamps in place. They have been popping out of their own accord. I've been using these poppers for SEVEN years and they've never done this before. They occaisionally pop off in the post but they are mostly secure. When one of them popped off in my face the other day it was the final straw. I contacted my supplier who agreed that they looked and felt different than usual and didn't feel as robust. He contacted the manufacturer who said they had started making them differently but had had complaints from other people too so they were going back to their old way.

Why change what works eh?

Anyway if anyone who has bought a lamp over the last few weeks has ANY problems with popping poppers please let me know straight away and I'll replace them when the new ones arrive.

Friday 20 November 2009

Winter Wedding Lights

I have just made some fairy lights for 'Jeremy & Catherines' winter wedding. They asked for mistletoe on their dated light and it looks really sweet!

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Feeling Better

I'm feeling much better today after my busyness rant yesterday. I got an early start and have had a very productive morning so far. I've been many lamps ready to send to a Christmas Open House in Brighton which I take part in each year. (It's 15 Chanctonbury Road, Hove if anyone can make it).

Calder High was closed today due to flood risk (although now it's not even raining) so Ffion is sitting in the workshop keeping me company and making felt orchids for Christmas presents. She bought a tutorial from Alison Boxwell at who makes beautiful things, like the one shown in the picture. You can buy them from her ready made or buy her tutorial and have a go yourself. We've bought all the bits and we'll see how it goes....

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Missing You

I'm having a really busy time. Probably busier than ever before. I am really happy about this. My businesses are working and all my hard work is paying off and that is very satisfying indeed. I feel somewhat challenged though and I'm running to keep up every day. I miss the simple things like being here and blogging and taking pretty pictures to share. I'm on full capacity with a brain full of things that need my attention and despite my mindmaps and to do lists I'm forgetting to do things that I've said I'll do and I don't like that! It's not like me. My studio is chaotic and feeling too small. It kind of doubles up as Radiance storage and with all the extra stock for Christmas I feel squeezed and somedays like I'm drowning in cardboard and I spend my days moving things around just so that I can work.

Perhaps I need extra help...but where would I fit someone else? Perhaps I need to delegate some jobs...but which ones? There are so many things to think about...and I feel rather too busy to think about much!

It's all growth I know. Robert keeps me posotive. He said the other day that it's just something else I need to apply my creativity to. That was nice as he made me remember that I am creative and I would find a way.....he made me see things in a brighter light.

So if my blog is quiet that's why, that's what's going on. Oooh feel much better now for sharing...


Wednesday 11 November 2009

Late Night Shopping In Hebden Bridge

The flyers and posters have just arrived for Hebden Bridges late night shopping. Shops will be open until 8pm on the 26th November and the 3rd and 10th of December. On the first night the Christmas lights will be switched on and there will be a handmade lantern parade leaving from the square at 5.30. It's lovely at Radiance when it's dark outside. It really is the best time to visit the shop!

If you fancy taking part in the parade there will be lantern making workshops at the Hebden Bridge Methodist Church (near The Coop) on Sunday 22nd Nov 2-4pm, Monday 23rd November 3.45-6pm and Tuesday 24th November 3.45-6.

Look, the flyers have even got room for s special Hebden Bridge Christmas shopping list....
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