Friday, 14 September 2018

The Green Lodge Aviemore

The Green Lodge in Aviemore is a brand new holiday home in the Scottish highlands that has just this week started taking bookings. Helen, the owner phoned me up a few months back full of excitement as she had discovered my fabrics and wallpaper on the lovely Snapdragon blog and said they were just what she was looking for and could we make her blinds and curtains for practically every window and send wallpaper too! 

Of course we could. We were delighted to and it is so thrilling to  now see it all in place thanks to these lovely pictures by Vikki Bruce.

 She used Paper Meadow wallpaper  in Kraft in this bedroom. The low wall behind the bed has the effect of a lovely headboard.

 The upstairs hallway features Paper Meadow in charcoal and what a cosy little nook that is!

Helen has used In the Tall Grass to great effect in one of the double rooms

 with a complementing roman blind in Paper Meadow fabric in kraft.

 Daisy Meadow in dusk features too.

This charcoal Paper Meadow blind looks so lovely here.

It was fun working with Helen as she carefully measured up her walls and windows and made her plan. Aswell of photo's of her bare windows and walls to size up there were photo's of red squirrels as they made an appearance in the trees outside the windows. What a delight.

It's such a beautifully crafted interior that you might just want to stay inside the house all the time BUT the house is set in an absolutely stunning location in the Cairngorns National Park with incredible to scenery and an abundance on nature to explore. Sounds like somewhere I would find alot of inspiration.

Have a look at their website. There's a 20% off introductory offer on right now.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Country Homes & Interiors

I'm so excited to have my wallpaper in Country Homes & Interiors magazine. It has made the FRONT PAGE! Woopwoop!

It has been used in a beautiful article about using peaceful patterns in the home. They used my In The Tall Grass wallpaper in the alcove of this beautiful room and my Beech Leaves above the mantle piece. 

It's the October issue and it's on the shelves now.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Nature as Designer

I recently discovered a wonderful book which has brought me lots of inspiration.

 It's called 'Nature as Designer' by a Swedish man named Bertel Bager. He was a surgeon by profession but had a passion for collecting and documenting the often overlooked details in nature. 

He loved the seeds and pods and fruits and he photographed them like they were ceramic vessels. He was interested in pottery too and pondered whether the original ceramicists were inspired by the vessels of nature themselves.


 He gives the seeds centre stage, photographing them with dramatic lighting and making them look much larger than they really are.

He made them look like pieces of art.

His friend encouraged him to make a book of his work to inspire and educate others and with each specimen he tells stories about where he found them and what he loves about them. 

I had a lovely time taking these pictures the other day next to my seed and pod collection.

Which made me look up close again and get inspired to draw.

 There are just so many great shapes in nature.

And there is just SO much to learn.

Towards the end of my little photo shoot I took the old dusty jacket off the book and discovered an uncanny resemblance to my little Tiny Treasures book.

A similar font, a similar book cloth, gold foiled lettering and a gold seed pod motif on the front! I too tell the tales of where I found the seeds and pods and what I love about each one.

Now I feel a kind of kinship with this guy. From one seed pod nerd to another!

This book is a rare find and the only one I have found so far that expresses a passion for these seeds pods and fruits being fascinating, functional and downright beautiful artistic forms.

It was first printed in 1967 and is not in print anymore but I found a copy on Abe Books.

Monday, 13 August 2018


We have just had the most magical week at Wild Meadow  to celebrate my Mum and Dads golden wedding anniversary. This has been a special place for me and my friends so it seemed like the perfect place to bring all the family together for this special occasion.

It's funny to think that fifty years ago when they made their wedding vows this family didn't even exist and now there are twelve of us altogether. The family tree has grown lots of branches.

The hot summer we have had meant most of the grasses had been mown and I was a bit sad about that at first but I soon realised this meant there was more room to play and we did a lot of that. Everywhere you looked, up and down the meadow there was something going on.

We cartwheeled (well one of us did),

 went for walks, 

 (some of us got a lift) 

played on the rope swings, 

picked flowers for our flower presses,

 made sun prints,

baked pizzas,

 made dens,

drew pictures,

did our yoga with this view (well some of us did),

  and we did a lot of lying on the grass.

 We hired the house and the shepherds hut this time. This was Ffion and Domeniques pad.

Domenique was busy in his sketchbook

and he captured the feel of the place beautifully.

My Mums wish was to lie under a canopy of stars and she even made a wild meadow quilt for the occasion (sunny and colourful on one side for the day and dark and starry on the back for the night)! The sky was kind to us on many evenings and we saw the best shooting stars I have ever seen.

On the night of the anniversary we had a feast. The freshly caught trout from The Salty Dog greengrocers in Presteigne were my highlight.

As well as the company of course! 

It was so good to all sit outside and eat together.

 After we had eaten all the scrumptious food we sat around the fire

 to toast some marshmallows

 and sing some songs.

I wrote one for my Mum and Dad and I had an absolutely perfect moment sitting on a log under a canopy of stars just about able to make out their faces in the firelight and singing them their song.

 On our last night we recorded it outside the shepherds hut as the sun was setting and I thought I'd share it here. Listen out for the sheep at the end.

All great trees they start as saplings
From a seed deep down below
If the seed gets all it needs
Then a tree will start to grow

A little sunshine
A little rain
And it will be growing
And it will be growing.

When your love was just a sapling
Well how were you to know
If all your hopes and all your dreams
Would get the chance to grow

You stood together
You made your vow
To growing together
To growing together.

Then your tree it grew some branches
And a trunk that's strong and wide
And roots that go deep down below
And leaves that touch the sky

And it makes shelter
And it makes shade
It's good in all weather
You're good in all weather.

Every branch it tells a story
Every leaf a memory
And all your hopes and all your dreams
They made this family

And we've had sunshine
And we've had rain

Now this tree is golden
This tree is golden
Your love is golden
Your love is golden.

Wild Meadow is the most wonderful place and feels even more like home to me now. Have a look at their website or follow Andrea's beautiful photographs on her Instagram account here. Thanks Dad & Dean for your lovely photo's, thanks to Domenique for your drawings and thanks Andrea and Jonathan for creating this special place...and Andrea for sewing the golden bunting by hand when your sewing machine packed in! You're a gem x
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