Friday, 20 October 2017

Handmade at Kew

Last week we were exhibiting at Handmade at Kew, a beautifully curated contemporary craft show set in a marquee by a lake in the royal botanic gardens.

I was very excited when I discovered the existence of this beautiful show because Kew Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit. What better place to show my botanically inspired work and meet like minded folk with an appreciation of crafts and plants...

 I took my lamps and fabrics and wallpaper. Dean and I wallpapered the stand in Charlotte's Garden and it was the first time, believe it or not that either of us had wallpapered (just because I make it doesn't mean I could put it up!). But we did it and we were very chuffed with ourselves :)

Happy bunny!

My floor lamps and limited edition lamps came with us too.

I really loved seeing all the colours of the wallpaper in a row. The collection is growing nicely.

 It was a such lovely place to be for the duration of the show. Autumn was at it's finest and we had some beautiful sunny days.

 We visited the palm house,

a tonic after a long journey and a long set up.

There is so much to marvel at in there.

The show was buzzing and pulled in a lovely crowd. I met so many lovely people and it was great to put some faces to names I only knew from instagram and facebook! One such person was a botanical hero of mine Anna Laurent who is the author of The Botanical Wallchart and she has been inspiring me with her close up photography of seed pods from around the world.

Here she is identifying the seeds on my tiny treasures window film sample.

She also helped us identify this beast which we found on our way to the show one morning in a park on the edge of the Thames. It's a Turkish Hazelnut don't you know!

It's always a joy to meet up with fellow makers that you know from years on the show circuit. Let me introduce you to a few lovely people whose work you might like to explore. Janie Withers has recently developed a range of beautiful knitted lighting which has been going crazy on the design scene lately. It was good to see it and her in person (sorry Janie I caught you with your eyes closed but you do have a lovely smile nevertheless!).

There were a few Northerners at the show like Ruby Creagh who is also from Hebden Bridge and she did really well with her scrumptious leather bags.

Lovely Valerie Wartelle is from Halifax and she makes exquisite felted artworks and was showing her gorgeous cashmere scarves for the first time.

It was good to see Claire Ashton with her felted lampshades. She is from just up the road in Todmorden.

Here is smiley Stef Mitchell with her beautiful nature prints.

It was lovely to meet Flora Collingwood-Norris for the first time and I couldn't resist buying one of her knitted scarves (top left in the photo) because they were such great colours.

I love the work of Amanda Cobbet. She makes incredible studies of mushrooms using embroidery thread!

The photo's don't do them justice so do go and look at her website.

 I love Kasasagi Design's nature studies too.

Hers are made from paper and books. 

She has a gorgeous video on her website that shows some in the making. It's very sweet.

After being inside all day we had to run round the gardens for a bit and do a few cartwheels under the trees before we left. I promised Emma I'd include one of the pictures in my blogpost. Best photo of the bunch huh!?

I feel very inspired and buzzy after the show. Thanks to everyone who came to my stand and bought work and fell in love with my wallpaper and window film (coming soon). I hope to come back next year and do it all again!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hannah Nunn window film

Window film is something I've been dreaming about cooking up for some time. My designs are all about the silhouette aren't they and as I started out as a lighting designer and then went on to being a pattern designer it's a bit like coming full circle. Combining the two.

I got my first sample cut last thing Friday afternoon. I was too excited and impatient to install it properly so do excuse the bubbles and streaks. But I loved it straight away, bubbles an' all! I posted a picture on my Instagram and had a phenomenal response immediately. A big resounding 'YES PLEASE DO THIS!'

So this week we have been experimenting big time and looking at different ways of manufacturing that are going to fit with my business and my designs.

We can cut out the design from frosted material. We can print frosted onto clear. We can print white onto frosted. Each has it's own unique effect. One offers total privacy if used in a bathroom for instance

but the other creates magical shadows which I LOVE.

I am currently in my studio watching the designs change as the light changes outside, trying to decide which is my favourite.

What do you think? I'd love all the feedback I can get to help with my decision making.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Handmade at Kew

I'm going to be exhibiting at Handmade at Kew next month. It's a beautiful contemporary craft show set in the grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew which is one of my favourite places.

We visited the show last year and the gardens were in fine form. All those beautiful, huge and very old specimen trees in their full Autumn colour. I can almost smell the air thinking about it. It was so lovely. 

So I'm getting ready to take my lamps and my wallpapers down and set up shop for a few days and take in as much gardens while I'm there!

You can order your tickets here. They include full admission to the gardens too.

Hope to see you!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Behind the scenes at the wallpaper photoshoot

August has been the month of the photoshoot and I have had four shoots in my little flat in the last couple of weeks. Two with Sarah Mason taking pictures of the new Charlotte's Garden wallpaper, one for the Yorkshire Post 'Artist at Home' feature (out in September) and one for a book that I am delighted to be included in called 'Quiet Pattern' which is being written by wallpaper designer and stylist Abigail Edwards who I have admired for some time. 

Abigail came to Hebden Bridge with her friend the photographer Alun Callender (who did the pictures for my Country Living feature) and looked for all the pattern in my studio and home. It was great watching the stylist at work and gave me lots of inspiration for my own photos

Wallpaper is not the easiest product to photograph. You need a good clear wall with space to stand back from and until I did work on my flat to create one big room out of two little ones earlier in the year I haven't had such a wall. But now I have and it's been a game changer!

For a week I had two papers - the mist and the heath in my bedroom  and even though i was a bit strange to have two colours on one wall it was good to live with them for a while and get the feel of  how they look in different lights...

 and it meant I got to play with some styling ideas prior to the shoot. My ukulele had to get in there!

I wanted to go with a garden theme for some of the shots and I had fun in the Willow Garden in Hebden Bridge where I bought these old scissors and this lovely twine. 

And I was delighted to spend some time at Simply by Arrangement headquarters too and Sarah lent me this lovely Labour & Wait apron, her Grandad's watering can and lots of her favourite vases... 

as well as some generous snips from her beautiful garden.

Me, Sarah and Emma had a fun day creating shots.

and I am really happy with the results.

The next day our fantastic decorator Emma came and put up inkwell on top which changed the room completely. We papered the whole wall this time...well I say 'we'...SHE papered the wall effortlessly. It's amazing to watch how swiftly she can hang it! I took mental notes!

Sometimes I can spend weeks coming up with a colour name that just fits but the name 'inkwell' came the moment we first saw it hanging on the factory wall. It fit with the Charlotte Bronte theme and I had a vision of  dark wooden writing desks and dippy ink pens.

I was delighted to find this beauty in the Antique Centre which was the perfect prop and they helped find me the yellow ink pen too which complemented the paper nicely.

As I was about to leave I thought I'd ask if they, by any chance had a pair of Charlotte Bronte style glasses. 

I couldn't believe it when he said he'd seen some in the charity shop that morning. They were so tiny and delicate and I had to buy them.

The Parsonage Museum kindly lent me these antiquarian copies of Jane Eyre. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful gold typeface and knew they would fit perfectly. Andy from Vinegar & Brown Paper etched me a 'stories yet to be written' inkwell which I love.

So it's been a fun and busy few weeks and now I have lovely images to spread around the world.

My house has had a deep clean too and I'm looking forward to putting my feet up in it this weekend!

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