Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Opening the Wild Meadow flower press

  I just opened the flower press from our trip to Wild Meadow last midsummer. 

 What joy. 

 A little bit of summer preserved so perfectly. 

 These were the grasses that I was trying to learn the names of.  Can I remember now? I love this picture. Doesn't it look like an embroidery.

 I drew this Barren Brome at the time. I'm glad because it has all fallen apart in the flower press but it has kept it's colour beautifully.

 I wrote a blog post about our week there and there are pictures of these flowers going in the press. It's nice to see then and now. And good to look back at summer so full and green and lovely. 

It won't be long before it's green and lovely again. Maybe this will be the year that the names of those grasses finally sink in! 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Tiny Treasures print day!

I was a very happy bunny yesterday as the day finally came to print Tiny Treasures. This design has been a long time coming. I have been collecting these motifs for a couple of years and dreaming of this finished design so it was really great for me to see the rolls for the first time.

 There are three colourways. Old gold, dove and skye. Two of them have shimmery, silvery highlights which adds to their preciousness!

 I'm excited to launch this officially. We should have some rolls for samples by the end of the week so I have just added them to the website for pre-order. And in the next week or so the rolls should arrive.

I'll keep you updated. x

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tiny Treasures colour day

 One of my favourite things about colour day at the wallpaper factory is getting to see the printing cylinders for the first time. My designs are printed using a gravure cylinder which is a finely etched metal cylinder. My designs are tonal, which means I can usually produce them with just the one cylinder and get alot of tonal variety with just one colour.

My latest design 'Tiny Treasures' has two cylinders though which is a first for me. I wanted to create the opportunity to print a second pop of colour or add a little magic with a soft mica (kind of like a very soft metallic) ink. You can see the second colour in the back of the first picture. In the photo is just has one lonely honesty seed.

It worked well and I love how the mica catches the light. It really is like having some tiny twinkly treasure!

It was a tricky colour day. The extra roller meant each print took slightly longer and it was more challenging to find the balance between the two colours as well as attempting to have the design fit with the rest of my wallpaper collection.

I still have a bit of work to do on the colours but I look forward to showing you which ones we will print. 

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Finding inspiration on the walks around Hebden Bridge

One of the things I love most about living in the middle of Hebden Bridge is that I can head out in any direction from my house and within ten minutes be walking in nature. We are surrounded by an abundance of deciduous woodland and the forests are criss-crossed with paths so we can explore them easily.  

Beyond the trees are fields and dry stone walls and beyond the fields are the open moors. You've got to get up some steep hills to get to them but the spectacular views are always worth the climb. 

There really is so much landscape to explore here and it's a wonderful playground for bikers and hikers.

Now I wouldn't call myself a hiker however. I rarely set out for a day with a map and a packed lunch and I rarely go that far. My walks are fairly short. They're the kind you can fit in before work or after tea on a summer evening. They are usually about an hour long and I always take my camera.

 These wanderings are where I find my inspiration for my lamps and wallpaper designs. I can still remember the very spot where some designs were born - the hill where I looked so closely at a dandelion clock and figured out how to translate it into a paper cutting. 

I remember the edge of the meadow where I held the grass up to the light to study its silhouette. I remember the beech tree canopy that I sheltered under from the rain one morning which is now featured on a wallpaper and window film.

Me and my daughter often say 'going for a walk is always the right thing to do'. It can lighten a bad mood, quieten a busy mind and make you feel soothed and connected to something bigger than yourself. 

And then of course there are the treasures! I can always find something to inspire me.

So I thought I would write a series of posts that introduce you to some of these short* circular walks. They will all start from the centre of town and they will take in some of my favourite routes. Together we'll visit some beautiful spots and see what treasures each season brings. 

Perhaps these walks will inspire my next designs and I'll share that process with you.  I'll probably not be posting maps but I will share some directions and photo's of landmarks and things to look out for so you can get to know these walks too.

I've been walking in Hebden Bridge for nineteen years now and I am still discovering new paths. I'm sure there are still many more left to be trodden.

* 'Short' walks can often become long ones if you are prone like me to lying on the forest floor taking photos or marveling at the tiny petals on a cow parsley flower for half an hour. I hope you will find as much inspiration as I do.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Window Film is now for sale!

I'm so pleased to tell you that my window film is finished and is now for sale! 

It was only a eight weeks ago that I shared my first picture on my Instagram and had such a phenomenal response. I have had a lovely time working with the Window Film Company who have been wonderful to work with and I have created ten designs for them.

 It's a great product for me and brings my work full circle. My lamp were about simple motifs brought to life by light, then I moved on to wallpaper which was about those same motifs in flowing pattern. But window film brings the two together. Pattern AND illumination together. It suits my work so well.

 All ten designs can be found on my website where you can click through to find it for sale exclusively at the Window Film Company.

If you want a browse of all the designs together you can visit my window film board on Pinterest where I have been happily pinning images this afternoon.  

I hope you like it.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Window film update

So a few weeks have passed since I shared my first pictures of my window film ideas. I have had such a phenomenal response online and at Kew and I have been working hard every day to launch this exciting new product!

I am working in collaboration with the brilliant Window Film Company who are printing the designs for me and each week there are new experiments and new tweaks and slowly slowly I am getting my collection together. 

It's a really interesting medium to play with. The designs change in different lights and it has been enjoyable watching it at different times of day and in different weather conditions.

It casts magical shadows in different places throughout the day!


Most designs, with some exceptions will come either with a a frosted design printed onto clear film (like the picture above) or...

a white design printed on a frosted background, which gives more privacy but doesn't have the benefit of the magical shadows. It still looks lovely though!

  This new design is called Tiny Treasures. It makes a great window film and will be a wallpaper soon too!

The window film will be made to measure and cut to the exact size of your window panes. It's really easy to install too and comes with full fitting instructions and a squeegee.

It could be ready to order in as little as two weeks now. Watch this space. I cannot wait to press GO!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Handmade at Kew

Last week we were exhibiting at Handmade at Kew, a beautifully curated contemporary craft show set in a marquee by a lake in the royal botanic gardens.

I was very excited when I discovered the existence of this beautiful show because Kew Gardens is one of my favourite places to visit. What better place to show my botanically inspired work and meet like minded folk with an appreciation of crafts and plants...

 I took my lamps and fabrics and wallpaper. Dean and I wallpapered the stand in Charlotte's Garden and it was the first time, believe it or not that either of us had wallpapered (just because I make it doesn't mean I could put it up!). But we did it and we were very chuffed with ourselves :)

Happy bunny!

My floor lamps and limited edition lamps came with us too.

I really loved seeing all the colours of the wallpaper in a row. The collection is growing nicely.

 It was a such lovely place to be for the duration of the show. Autumn was at it's finest and we had some beautiful sunny days.

 We visited the palm house,

a tonic after a long journey and a long set up.

There is so much to marvel at in there.

The show was buzzing and pulled in a lovely crowd. I met so many lovely people and it was great to put some faces to names I only knew from instagram and facebook! One such person was a botanical hero of mine Anna Laurent who is the author of The Botanical Wallchart and she has been inspiring me with her close up photography of seed pods from around the world.

Here she is identifying the seeds on my tiny treasures window film sample.

She also helped us identify this beast which we found on our way to the show one morning in a park on the edge of the Thames. It's a Turkish Hazelnut don't you know!

It's always a joy to meet up with fellow makers that you know from years on the show circuit. Let me introduce you to a few lovely people whose work you might like to explore. Janie Withers has recently developed a range of beautiful knitted lighting which has been going crazy on the design scene lately. It was good to see it and her in person (sorry Janie I caught you with your eyes closed but you do have a lovely smile nevertheless!).

There were a few Northerners at the show like Ruby Creagh who is also from Hebden Bridge and she did really well with her scrumptious leather bags.

Lovely Valerie Wartelle is from Halifax and she makes exquisite felted artworks and was showing her gorgeous cashmere scarves for the first time.

It was good to see Claire Ashton with her felted lampshades. She is from just up the road in Todmorden.

Here is smiley Stef Mitchell with her beautiful nature prints.

It was lovely to meet Flora Collingwood-Norris for the first time and I couldn't resist buying one of her knitted scarves (top left in the photo) because they were such great colours.

I love the work of Amanda Cobbet. She makes incredible studies of mushrooms using embroidery thread!

The photo's don't do them justice so do go and look at her website.

 I love Kasasagi Design's nature studies too.

Hers are made from paper and books. 

She has a gorgeous video on her website that shows some in the making. It's very sweet.

After being inside all day we had to run round the gardens for a bit and do a few cartwheels under the trees before we left. I promised Emma I'd include one of the pictures in my blogpost. Best photo of the bunch huh!?

I feel very inspired and buzzy after the show. Thanks to everyone who came to my stand and bought work and fell in love with my wallpaper and window film (coming soon). I hope to come back next year and do it all again!

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