Friday 26 July 2013

William Morris Woodblocks

Another exciting thing about visiting the wallpaper factory was discovering that they look after the collection of original William Morris wood blocks.

We went to a little room tucked away upstairs to see them.

It felt really special - being able to see and touch these pieces of British design history.

They are old and stained with years of printing ink. You can tell they have worked hard. They are soooo beautiful.

These hand crafted beauties are quite the contrast to the gravure cylinders that have just been made to print my wallpaper designs which have been precision laser etched with high tech equipment.

That's the wonder of this place. It has it all, from original woodblocks to super high tech printing techniques.

Next week my cylinders will arrive at the factory ready for colour sampling. They will be in good company :)

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Pretty Nostalgic

It was lovely to be asked to write a little piece for Pretty Nostalgic magazine about the joys of visiting an arts trail. The editor got in contact after reading my blog post about the Saltaire Arts Trail a while back. 

It's a new magazine to me. I had heard of it but hadn't yet held a copy in my hands and flicked through it's beautifully laid out and nice smelling pages. It's really really pretty. 

And there just so happened to be a feature all about Hebden Bridge in this issue too which was a bonus.

Look there is our very own Lucy Conroy from Lucy and The Caterpillar!

It's lovely to be a part of another quality I will forgive them calling me Hannah Hunn haha (I quite like it). Look out for it in the shops. This one is issue 8.

Friday 19 July 2013

Feathers, Ferns and Fritillaries and a few old favourites

Me and Sarah did a new photo shoot this week. It was about time that the new Feathers, Ferns and Fritillary designs went on the website!

Sarah captured everything beautifully.

Here are the Feathers on my website.

We made a pretend shelf. This is an IKEA Lack shelf resting precariously on two wooden easels with a sheet of printed paper behind it. You'd never know (unless I told you of course).

The Woodland Ferns are now on my website too.

And here are the Fritillaries.

Some old favourites got a re-vamp too like the Wood Anemones.

And now the Dragonfly comes in this shape too as well as the cylindrical ones.

It's always fun working with Sarah and it's lovely to have some new pictures to play with :)

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Open Studios

We've had such a lovely weekend at open studios. There was a real buzz about town and plenty of people found their way down our winding corridors to find us. I didn't manage to take any photos but thanks to Selina  for this one of the kids in the meadow playing with an open studio balloon.

THANKYOU for everyone who came and helped me clear out my seconds drawer...there will be plenty more by next year so don't worry if you couldn't make it. Lots of people went away happy with their new lamps wondering where they could put some wallpaper. Honestly the feedback for the wallpaper has been astonishing. I am soooo excited for it to be ready.

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