Saturday 24 April 2010

Making, making and making!

I haven't posted anything for ages. I have been so very busy making, making, making and making some more. For the first few weeks in the new shop I found it really tricky to focus on my work. I think it was sheer overwhelm! Having to catch up with orders again after all the popper problems and everything AND having b.c.t.f to do on top of being deeply exhausted. Phew! But since returning from the show I feel a whole lot better. I am ploughing through my orders and it feels great to be sending out work again. I have found my focus again and am really enjoying the new place.

I have been having many orders for personalised lamps lately and I particulary like how this one turned out. She was so happy when I said she could have dandelion clocks! It's very sweet!

Friday 9 April 2010

British Craft Trade Fair

I've been a bit quiet (on the blog) this week as I've been busily preparing from the British Craft Trade Fair. All the lamps are made and boxes packed ready for the van in the morning with Kate. This year for the first time ever we (me and Fiona) are staying in a hotel...with a swimming pool and a sauna...which sounds much nicer than the three hours round trip in the car. Ahhhhh.

I'll be on stand 143 if you're coming!

Thursday 1 April 2010

Dandelion Clocks

Having been so busy with the shop move and my backlog of orders due to my popper problems, I hadn't had any time to work on any new designs BUT Harrogate (as we call it, meaning the British Craft Trade Fair) is next weekend so I thought I'd better pull out all the stops and take at least a couple of new designs with me.

So here's one of them. Dandelion Clocks.
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