Monday 24 February 2014

I love the trees in the woods

Our friends came to stay for the weekend and we took little Otis for a walk in the woods.

Piggy came too

and he found holes to hide in

and trees to climb.

Mia and Jack played on the rope swing.

Otis watched.

Mia found leaf skeletons

which made us all seek out more tiny treasures.

Otis said 'I love the woods'.

and then

'I love the trees'...

and then

'I love the trees in the woods'.

I couldn't agree more.

Sunday 9 February 2014

I'm going to New York!

Today I bought plane tickets to New York! I'm ever so excited. I've had the ICFF on my mental mood board for years and I have finally booked a stand thanks to somebody I met on my blog! Let me tell you the story...

Jill Hodgeson who was living in Virginia U.S was wondering what her old friend Sean, who she used to go to art college with in Bradford, UK in the seventies, was up to. She Googled him (as you would) and found him right here on my blog. He is my friendly electrician you see who did the wiring at Radiance. Jill being the artist and creative that she is starting reading my blog and took some of Beths e-courses that I had talked about and we found ourselves friends in the same lovely online network.

Last summer Jill and her husband David visited Hebden Bridge and we met for the first time in my studio. They were SO nice. They told me they they had always fancied living in New York for a year and had decided to do it! They had found a small flat in Manhattan and that I would be welcome to come and stay.

Oh yes please! How much nicer is a big scary 'on your own' adventure like doing an international trade show when there is somebody lovely there to greet you and make you feel at home.

I've booked my stand at the show and bought my plane tickets this morning. Now for the learning curve of doing business internationally - exporting, shipping costs etc etc. Then there's is playtime to plan too. So many people and places I would like to see. I've started my New York Pinterest board. I'd like to do some yoga with Elena Brower who wrote that lovely Art of Attention book I blogged about too. She has a yoga centre in New York. 

I just love that blogging can lead to extraordinary connections and opportunities....which in turn lead to new stories and adventures to blog about :) 
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