Tuesday 18 October 2016

Daisy Meadow fabric has arrived

There has been excitement in the studio this week as my latest Daisy Meadow fabric arrived. 

It's been made even more exciting because I had this BIG cutting table/fabric storage unit made for the studio. Until now cutting fabric has been hard to find the space for. Now it's much much easier. I feel a little more ready to be selling and sending out fabric.

It's made it much easier for us to cut wallpaper samples too. Anyway, back to the new fabric.

First the lovely warm golden yellow. All the daisies, stitchworts, grasses and shepherds purse look lovely on the fine woven texture.

It's sunny and warm and I am really looking forward to getting my next chair upholstered in this fabric! You can order a sample here.

And here is the sage green. It matches the sage wallpaper well.

 It's still fun to see my name on the selvedge.

You can find a sample here.  

And here is the moonrise

Is it grey? Is it blue? It's hard to say really. It's just really lovely.

 It's almost a bit like denim. Find a sample here

It's all now on my website at £55 per metre.

I'm really looking forward to seeing who makes what!

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