Thursday 22 February 2018

Tiny Treasures colour day

 One of my favourite things about colour day at the wallpaper factory is getting to see the printing cylinders for the first time. My designs are printed using a gravure cylinder which is a finely etched metal cylinder. My designs are tonal, which means I can usually produce them with just the one cylinder and get alot of tonal variety with just one colour.

My latest design 'Tiny Treasures' has two cylinders though which is a first for me. I wanted to create the opportunity to print a second pop of colour or add a little magic with a soft mica (kind of like a very soft metallic) ink. You can see the second colour in the back of the first picture. In the photo is just has one lonely honesty seed.

It worked well and I love how the mica catches the light. It really is like having some tiny twinkly treasure!

It was a tricky colour day. The extra roller meant each print took slightly longer and it was more challenging to find the balance between the two colours as well as attempting to have the design fit with the rest of my wallpaper collection.

I still have a bit of work to do on the colours but I look forward to showing you which ones we will print. 

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