Tuesday 26 April 2011

Newby Hall

Today we visited Newby Hall. Daniel Hornsey who own Hornseys in Ripon a lovely gallery who have been selling my work for some time, recently (well I guess it's a couple of years now) started running the Shop at Newby Hall and now sells a wide selection of beautiful design led goods. We didn't visit the house itself (the gorgeous print above is by Ed Kluz) but the shop, garden and tea on the lawn was inspiration enough.

It was nice to see my lamps nestled in amongst friends. See the Lush design cushions and the Angie Lewin cards, all folk I sell at Radiance.

The gardens were lovely and peaceful and I'm glad I had my camera to capture the gorgeous colours.

I couldn't quite believe the colour and cuteness of these maple seeds.

The ferns were just beginning to unfurl.

The wild garlic was just beginning to flower.

Anyone know what this is. It was growing by the ponds (quite zoomed in here).

He is a fine fellow isn't he! He was noisy though!

This would be a lovely place to visit with young kids. They have sandpits and a lovely play area, lawns to run on and a little train that takes you round the gardens.

Dan reckons I should design a lamp especially for Newby Hall based on all the wondrous plants in the gardens. Sounds like a plan!

Sunday 17 April 2011

Fairy lights in the Appeltaart house!

There are some very special moments in this designer/maker life that just make making things so worthwhile. Yesterday when Guusje sent me pictures of the fairy lights that I sent her in her beautiful house I had one of those moments! Her gorgeous light and airy house in Holland is adorned in colourful fairy lights and garlands that I have often admired on her blog (Guusje's Appeltaart) and now I am very happy that my fairy lights are part of the collection!

Quote Guusje (she is so poetic) 'At night time we look at our fairy light collection and are over the moon with all those stars around us'.

There are more of her pictures of course on her blog, but also on my 'Hannah Nunn Lamps at Home ' blog where I am collecting pictures of my lights in peoples homes. If you have any do send them over! I'd love to see. x

Friday 15 April 2011

My new Wall!

This week I built a wall! Well actually I didn't build it myself, joiner Paul (JP Rennovations) did that and I am celebrating it's arrival. Since I moved to the new shop I haven't had anywhere to display my wall panels so they've been sadly hiding away in a cupboard all this time. This wall is especially for my wall panels. As it turned out I only had the seed pod one left so I thought it was about time I made some new ones....worth it now I have somewhere to put them. So here is a new one which I called 'Spring' which is a collection of Snowdrops and Paperwhites

The one at the top with all the dandelions is new too. I hope my new wall inspires many more!

Seventeen years ago today!

This photo needs to be shared. Isn't it beautiful! Isn't she beautiful! This is my daughter and today is her seventeenth birthday. She will probably tell me off for putting this picture on here but this is my little celebration. The marking of her birthday and the time that has passed which seems no time at all since she was born.

She was born on the stroke of midnight on the 14th but the computer said that it was to be 0.00 a.m. on the 15th and so her birthday was decided.

I will never forget her sleeping in the crook of my arm all night long and although I was completely exhausted from a two day labour I couldn't sleep because I had to keep looking and looking and looking at her. At 4 .a.m the birds began to sing outside and she opened her little eyes and looked around as if trying to locate them, her first moment of making sense of the world, and then satisfied, she fell asleep again. Thinking back to this moment now, seventeen years later so much more poigniant given the wondeful human being that she has become.

Happy Birthday Darling!

(photo taken at Rachels wedding by John. Nice one John. This is a beauty.)

Monday 11 April 2011

wedding lights

Here's a little video that Robert took on his Iphone at Rachel and Bobs wedding. Don't ask me why the vase of flowers moves in the middle. Watch out for the hands coming into shot to take a piece of bread bread. It was nice bread that!

(probably a bit silly to post this as these lights are not currently available as a product....but I'm working on it still so you never know!).

Sunday 10 April 2011

Meet the boys

This weekend was just so nice. My boy cats lolling around in the street in the sunshine, strolling into town (in sandals) for the first ice lolly of the year, chatting to friends, listening to Ffion and Poppy busking in the square and going for a lovely evening walk in this beautiful countryside of ours. It was one of those 'glad to be alive and living here' kind of weekends. Thought I'd post this picture of the cats so that I remember it. Meet Tomsk, Ollie (ginger ones are brothers) and Gabriel. They are fab and theres nothing much more pleasant in life than sitting with the cats and a cup of tea in the sunshine. ahhhh.
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