Tuesday 11 November 2014

Lamps at Elmet Farmhouse

Today I have been up at the lovely Elmet Farmhouse in Pecket Well installing the lamps I made for Lesley Jackson.

 It took a little while because there was a lot of drifting over to the window seats to take in the dreamy views right across the hills. You just can't help it!

The living room is super cosy with lots of seats to curl up in. You can see Stoodley Pike perfectly framed by the mullion windows from that lovely Ercol armchair!

My Paper Meadow Floor lamp will enjoy living in there.

Upstairs, the comfy bedrooms all have my lamps in too

giving their warm, cosy glow.

The house sleeps six people, with one double bed and four singles. Looks really comfy.

Lesley has a gorgeous textile collection adorning the walls around the house.

I love how she displays is with the selvedge showing. They are little pieces of history.

As you can see it is a pattern rich house and soon my teal Paper Meadow wallpaper will be joining the collection in the upstairs bathroom.

I invite you to look at Lesley's lovely photo's of the house, inside and out on her brand new Elmet Farmhouse website. She has worked so hard restoring this old house and she is very excited that it is now open for bookings.

Fancy it?

Monday 3 November 2014

Where Women Create Magazine

Ever since the lovely Beth Kempton introduced this gorgeous magazine to me back at the Do What You Love Retreat a few years ago I have longed to be in it.

Where Women Create is one of the best selling American magazines today. It's published by Stampington & Company and it's pages are full of delicious inspirational photographs about women from around the world in their studio spaces.

When I did the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course they ran an inspiring interview with their editor in chief Jo Packham and I was inspired to get in touch. BUT sadly I heard nothing back.

At that time I was still in my teeny 'back of the shop' studio and maybe that was why...

 But the Hello Soul Hello Business helped me to germinate the seeds of my dream studio space and a year later I was in it!

I contacted Jo again this time it was a YES. Hooray!

So I wrote a piece 

and Sarah Mason took some marvelous photo's.

She is in print too :)

It's the November, December, January edition and is on sale now in the U.S. You can place overseas orders on their website too.

Needless to say I'm super excited. I love it when dreams come true.

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