Tuesday 31 July 2012


(photo by Sarah Mason photography)
Something I am grateful for every day is that I am doing what I love for a living and my biggest hope for my children who are now aged 16 and 18 is that they can create a life where they can do that too. 

I've always encouraged their passions and one of Euans is writing music. When he was trying to get the cash together to go to a festival this summer with his mates Robert had an idea. How about he didn't go babysitting, or get a washing up job (not one of his strengths in life). How about he sets himself up writing music for businesses and other creative people. So many people have a video to share and are not sure about the copyright on using a tune or they need music for some kind of presentation. Euan has a skill for this kind of stuff :)  PERFECT.

(photo by Sarah Mason photography)
So we chatted to a few good folks and Sarah Mason, who loves Euans music jumped at the chance of having piece written especially for a slideshow to launch her new website. They had a meeting, understood each other well and then the music began!

I was lucky enough to witness Euan playing the tune to Sarah for the first time. She absolutely loved it. There were tears. I still can't hear it now without having a weep. He's managed to conjure up the perfect emotion for Sarah's beautiful pictures.

 I loved that moment. It was a perfect exchange. Euan being acknowledged and paid for his unique talents and Sarah coming away with something really special and unique for her business. I couldn't want for more for him. I hope his life has many moments like this.

I'd love you to hop over to Sarah's website for a look and a listen.

And if you fancy hearing more of Euan then this is his Soundcloud. Perhaps you'd like him to write a tune for you? He'd be more than happy.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Candle Covers

I've just added my new candle covers to the website. I've been meaning to this for AGES so it feels good to tick that off the to do list! I just sent an experimental file to the laser cutters with a Cow Parsley design too as I got asked for it so much at Tatton so pretty soon there will be four designs to choose from.

Anyway, here they are.

By the way, the new website is coming on a treat. I cannot WAIT for it to be ready!

Monday 23 July 2012

Hebdens Rising Spirit

Five days exhibiting at Tatton Park has certainly provided many an opportunity to talk about Hebden Bridge and how it is recovering after the floods. When Robert saw me stick on the 'I have a shop in Hebden Bridge' vinyls to my show stand he pointed out that I would be talking about it a lot. He was absolutely right. 

There were LOTS of questions. 

'Oh you're in Hebden Bridge, have you been affected by the floods?'
 'Oh Hebden Bridge, you've had all that rain haven't you?'
 'Oh Hebden Brige, are you still underwater?' 

National news coverage certainly has made us famous! But for some people we were famous already. 

'Oh Hebden Bridge. I LOVE Hebden Bridge'

So many people expressed genuine concern for the place and their excitement at visiting again..

Coming back to Hebden Bridge after being away is always a great joy. When we got home yesterday we walked round to buy some cold beers for Oasis to have with out tea. It had been a hot day and there was a lovely summery smell in the air. As we walked over the old bridge I could feel myself filling up. Filling bcak up with Hebden-ness after being away. It was such a lovely feeling. A real love for the place and a sense of belonging.

Many people have been busy thinking about ways to get our little town back on it's feet. A lovely lady called Helen Russel who I met on Twitter had the idea to organise a creative auction to raise money for the affected business. It has sort of spiraled into something big and since I've been away a date has been set, an auctioneer appointed, tables and chairs organised, a facebook group and Twitter account opened and lots and lots of artist from all over the country are sending artwork to the town hall to be auctioned.

Do you have any work you would like to donate? 
Hebden Bridge would warmly welcome your contributions. 

We would love any artwork to be sent or delivered to Amy Leader, The Town Hall, Saint Georges Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BY by the 18th August.

And I also need to tell you about Hebden Rising. An clever website site set up by our friend Giles Dring which lets you can track the latest news, tweets and updates and see which shops and businesses are back up and running.

Thanks for all your support. x


My Allium lamp has long been a best seller. It was originally inspired by the Alliums my Mum grew in her garden and she would always dry out the flower heads and keep them in the house as beautiful ornaments (most useful for photo shoots).

It was so much fun to visit the Allium stand in the floral bouquets pavilion at Tatton.

Add caption(photo my Sarah Mason Photography)
All their beautiful forms. Big heads on tall stems.

I got a photo high taking pictures! 

I didn't know there were so many different varieties.

Being at Tatton inspired me to have a garden. I get SO inspired by looking at plants but I don't have much of a garden. My paved yard has a few pots, mostly battered by this Summers heavy rain. This evening we sat out there for the first time this year with a glass of wine and cats on our knees. The bees buzzing around the flowers brings me such simple pleasure. I'd like more of that.

Sarah and Suzie bought me some bulbs to plant for next year.

I can't wait to have them growing in my garden. I think it's the beginning of something.

Saturday 21 July 2012

The Most Meritorious Fruit and Veg!

I only left my stand to get a bit of fresh air and take a walk with Sarah and Suzy who came to visit the show today. I wasn't quite expecting to find so much visual inspiration in the fruit and veg marquee.

But there it was all laid out for us. All this carefully tended fruit and veg, scrubbed and presented like they were the finest jewels.

We marveled at the onions

sitting on their little cushions with their hair in top knots!

And we squealed at the gooseberries

cherries, strawberries and raspberries making patterns on their plates.

There were even goosberries on shelves holding up their medals with pride!

Seeing it all displayed this way made it seem like art.

And the surface pattern designer in me was drooling at the possibilities.

I am happy that I can get excited about these small things in life..

and that I have friends who do the same! :)

After this we went to visit the Allium man (ahhhh)....that is a whole other blog post for another day!

Thursday 19 July 2012

The Wellies of Tatton Park Flower Show

It was 'Ladies Day' at Tatton Park Flower Show today but I wasn't really noticing the large brimmed hats or fancy feathered fascinators, 

I was noticing all the wellies.

There were so many cheerful pairs

parading past my stand

adding a touch of elegance to many an outfit !

They were needed.

It was a little muddy round the edges.

but wellies seem to top off the Tatton Park look!

I don't know who won the prize for the 'Best Dressed Lady' this afternoon
but I really hope she was wearing wellies!

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Tatton Park Flower Show

I'm here exhibiting at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. I'm happy with how day one has gone in the busy Country Living Marquee.

I have design graduate Minnie Birchall helping out on my stand. We've had some fun and she has helped to sell a few lamps today!

There are some amazingly beautiful gardens (this one by Owen Morgan won the Gold Medal).

And awesome sculpture. This was made by James Wilkinson who is the brother of Georgia Wilksinson whose lampshades I sell in my shop. What a talented family.

We had lots of visitors to my stand....some of the insect variety. As well as this bee that fitted in quite well with the garden theme we actually had a real life dragonfly buzzing around.

I think he heard he had been featured on his very own lamp!

I enjoyed watching a whole array of beautiful plants being carried...

and pulled...

and even driven past our stand. 

For a plant lover like me there was so much to enjoy and every 'quick' trip to the loo there was something shouting to be photographed.

Lucky for me there is another four days to go!

Hope it stays as sunny!

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