Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. Happy New Year. Theres a bit of a 'oh no it's the last day of the holidays' feeling in the air today...the last Sunday before school starts again. It's been such a lovely holiday. I've had a lovely cosy Christmas and a fab New Year in beautiful but freezing Holland. I'm quite fired up about getting back into work but I'm FULL of cold and need to stay in the warm to get better...

Did anyone get anything nice for Christmas? Amongst many lovely things my daughter got me a gorgeous memory game. I used to have the Galt Toys 'Remember Remember' when i was little and it was one of my favourite games. We found this very similar set in Magma with beautiful illustrations by Charley Harper. I'd never even heard of him before and have just discoved via Wikipedia that he died in 2007! Anyway we've had fun testing our memory and looking at all his lovely pictures!

Hey if you got one of my lamps for Christmas I would love to see a photo of it in it's new home. I'll put it on the blog. Go on send me a doesn't have to be a great one or anything. It would make me very happy. What do you think????

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