Tuesday, 22 December 2009

What a mess!

Away with the beautiful inspirational shots of the artists workshop! THIS is the truth!.... right down to the old banana skin. Oh dear! This is the culmination of an extremely busy period of making hundreds of lamps for Christmas orders AND trying to do it in a teeny weeny studio which doubles up as a storeroom for Radiance! I have managed here for four years. It's been challenging at times but I've got by. It's been cosy, affordable, attached to a BEAUTIFUL shop space and with a lovely landlord and lady who look after me well! BUT lately it has been getting on top of me.

This year has been amazing! The launch of the Radiance mailorder website has been fantastic and it is growing everyday. The discovery of the wondrous Etsy has had me happily sending out parcels across the globe (and receiving a few nice ones too). The 'aha' moment of making personalised fairy lights for weddings has brought a lot of business and some good press my way, and being on the wedding gift list and the Winter catalogue at NotOnTheHighStreet has been fantastic! But all this busy-ness has made it difficult to manage working in a small space and be able to comfortably fit in someone to help me out. My business has grown and it is officially time to make some kind of MOVE!

There are a couple of interesting places that have come up in the last few weeks which I have been thinking about. So on top of managing this busy Christmas period I have been being kept awake by these new and exciting possibilities. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. 2010 could see some exciting changes!!!


Ju Padilha said...

Hello form Brazil!!
I´m in love with your work, wich one is very poetic!!!
also your disorder ins´t a simple disorder, but a creativy one!
happy xmas!

whitney-anne said...

Yes, I agree, such chaos is very creative. What a wonderful year for you, so much work has obviously paid off.

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