Thursday, 16 September 2010

This years trip to Hastings

I have just a had a few days away visiting my lovely friends Wendy and Chris in their gorgeous house in Hastings. (Have look at the post of our last visit cos there are lots of's so lovely). Wendy has a brilliant eye for 'old stuff' - vintage, antiques and junk and her house is full of beautiful collections of things! Hastings is the perfect place for this as it is FULL of antique yards and shops in which to rummage! She has rummaged well and her house is very inspiring!

So we had to go for a good look around the shops. This was an amazing one - a mixture of old and new set in an old hardware shop. The owner has kept the original fixtures and fittings and has set beautiful products in amongst all the old drawers, shelves and nooks and crannies. It's a really unique and exciting space.

The weather was pretty bleak mostly. We lasted about 5 minutes on the beach. Hard to imagine that this time last year, only a few weeks before we were swimming in that sea. brrrrrrrrr.

It was lovely to stay all tucked up in the house with the wind howling just drinking tea and catching up! We built Wendy an Esty shop. I have been nudging her to do it for ages and now she has. It's really pretty. Here are some of her decorations...

I took some work to a brand new and very lovely gallery called Cuckoo Cuckoo Contemporary Crafts. It's a tiny space but has lots of beautiful work- ceramics, textiles, paintings, prints....and now some lamps too which suit the space quite nicely! It was nice to meet Sarah-Jane Whittaker who runs the gallery with her husband Paul. She's a jeweller who has a jewellery school in Eastbourne. They have been running artists open houses for years and were inspired to open a gallery. Good idea. It's lovely!

I did a little photoshoot in Wendys house too, inspired to use some of their lovely things as props. There were some nice ones but they are all a little bit dark. I'm still working on them though.

Thanks Wendy. Nice to know we can fit quite alot in a couple of days. I had a lovely time!xxx

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Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

What a small world. We love our trips to Hastings. I have my Christmas hound cards in Cuckoo Cuckoo. Plus I think Wendy might show at my friend Karen's Art Barn down the road!

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