Thursday, 27 January 2011

Do What You Love Retreat

I have some very exciting news to share. I have been invited to be a quest speaker on this wonderful retreat in the Yorkshire Dales in May. This is the first 'Do What You Love, Art and creative enterprise retreat' and I am really honoured to have been invited to attend. Beth Nicholls (very inspiring adventurer and entrepreneur) has had a creative dream to inspire people to do what they love for life and she is in a mission to do just that. I first came across Beth when she wrote a Leeds Guide for the Design Sponge blog a while back. It was so surprising to find a guide to my hometown on this big U.S blog that I just had to leave a comment...that's when Beth found out about what I did and so the creative network grew a few more branches....(oh the wonderful world wide web) and this has led to my invitation.

I will be taking part in one of the creative enterprise sessions and answering questions about my art and business.

I was planning a research trip to ICFF in New York to work on the book BUT I have to say I cannot resist the pull of a warm friendly artistic community staying in glass fronted cabins in beautiful countryside (i mean LOOK at the accommodation), doing art workshops, eating in this gorgeous teepee and watching the badgers and deer outside whilst helping to inspire people to do what they really really love with their lives creatively. NYC will have to wait!

Here is Beth's Do What You Love For Live website and blog and you can see the retreat details here. Of course I'll be blogging about the whole experience upon my return!


Amy Hauschild said...


didn't mean to shout!

love xx

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Hannah, I'm so thrilled to find you're going to be at Beth's retreat. I'll be there, too! Had lunch with Beth earlier this week as it happens and it all sounds pretty amazing. :)

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