Monday, 21 March 2011


Me and Ffion went up the hill to watch Saturday nights Supermoon rising. She balanced her camera precariously on a gate post to take this long exposure. She's not so keen on this picture but I love it. I love the hill of colourful windows, the twinkly orange streetlights and the big mysterious moon rising.

There are some awe inspiring pictures of the Supermoon on Flickr. You must have look!


Amy Hauschild said...

I love this too, it reminds me of your earlier drawings of Hebden Bridge before the discovery of LIGHTS and lampshades!

love Amy xx


It's a lovely photo, taken by a lovely girlie!! I hope her and her friends enjoyed their photo shoot and cake eating!?! They were a pleasure to work with.

Hannah Nunn said...

Hey Loula Belle. They certainly did. I'm looking forward to seeing those photos!

Amy. Seems like a distant memory!!!xxx

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