Friday, 15 April 2011

Seventeen years ago today!

This photo needs to be shared. Isn't it beautiful! Isn't she beautiful! This is my daughter and today is her seventeenth birthday. She will probably tell me off for putting this picture on here but this is my little celebration. The marking of her birthday and the time that has passed which seems no time at all since she was born.

She was born on the stroke of midnight on the 14th but the computer said that it was to be 0.00 a.m. on the 15th and so her birthday was decided.

I will never forget her sleeping in the crook of my arm all night long and although I was completely exhausted from a two day labour I couldn't sleep because I had to keep looking and looking and looking at her. At 4 .a.m the birds began to sing outside and she opened her little eyes and looked around as if trying to locate them, her first moment of making sense of the world, and then satisfied, she fell asleep again. Thinking back to this moment now, seventeen years later so much more poigniant given the wondeful human being that she has become.

Happy Birthday Darling!

(photo taken at Rachels wedding by John. Nice one John. This is a beauty.)


Amy Hauschild said...

Fantastic photo of your stunning and talented daughter!

love your wall panel wall too!



Ahh, that is lovely Hannah. Special babes x

TIKA said...

You write that with such tender..
your post almost make me cry, becouse it brought out memories on special moments with my girl. I think all mothers feel the same when the child is born.

And your daughter is beautiful young girl!

Corilu Designs said...

Very touching. My son just turned fifteen and I can't believe where the time has gone. I think about that moment when he was born and it brings a tear to my eye. Very lovely post.

Hannah Nunn said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments. I see we do all feel the same about our babies!! xxx

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