Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday Morning Walk with the birds and the bees

I've had the most gorgeous walk this morning. I think I must be a bit in tune with the birds and the bees, or perhaps my clothes are more camouflaged than usual because it's been one of those up close to nature days where the little birdies haven't flown away but have just gone about there business in my presence. I watched a family of tree creepers by the bridge in Nutclough Woods for ages doing their thing in a big beech tree while was a pair of blackbirds hopped about on the forest floor and a little robin sang a hearty tune for us. Then a little later a pair of Goldfinches at the edge of the field.

(this is not my picture by the way, I didn't want to risk getting my camera out)
I watched them for ages trying to remember what they were from my days in Wales before CATS when I had a bird feeder outside my window which attracted all sorts of beauties (alas no more on our cat infested cobbledy Yorkshire Street-peril for birdies). So sweet with their bright yellow tail feathers and stripey heads. I saw a couple of pheasants (are there more about than usual, I've seen more this year than I have in my life) and Mr heron fishing in the river. On the way home I was intrigued by the people looking over the wall at something. There was a swarm of bees gathering at the base of a tree. They were working out how to move them. I love living here!

I put a few more piccies on Flickr.

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