Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The bright lights of Shinjuku

We were wondering where the bright lights were. The iconic lights that you see in films about Tokyo. Well we heard they were in Shinjuku so headed over there. What an extreme place. The total opposite of our peaceful morning in Nakameguru. The subway station is HUGE and has over 200 exits which millions of people pass through everyday. Little me and Natalie in the big big city played the 'close your eyes and pretend you're in Hebden Bridge' game........'right now open them again'!

Look how huge the zebra crossings are. Mental! Wider than my whole street!

(photo by Natalie)
We needed to eat but didn't much fancy the places with plastic replica food in a cabinet outside.

Look at them. There is definitely an art to them. They were fascinating to look at. Some even had replica pints of beer with plastic froth on the top!

Then we found Yakitori Alley (mentioned in Janneses My Loverly Japan zine) and the wafting barbecue smells and the thought of a nice cold beer tempted us to choose one of the tiny bars that seat only about ten people at a time and have them grill up some food in front of us on skewers. 

I was a little bit freaked out by some of the things on the menu (stewed guts omg) but the grilled bacon wrapped asparagus, chicken, peppers and pork were good.

(photo by Natalie)
And then out to see the bright lights.

And bright they were....

(photo by Natalie)
...and noisy and moving and flashing. What a crazy place!

A very entertaining night....one night is quite enough for me though!

Tomorrow we'll visit the Stephen and Yu at their lovely Hajime Design Studio.


Hannah Lamb said...

Wow what an amazing trip. I've always wanted to visit Japan, you have given me itchy feet!

luciapara@libero.it said...

uau like in movies and cartoons!
thanks for sharing this beauty!

if i'll ever come to England again, i'd like to come to visit you and your Radiance shop!

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